What is Weed Box

So what is weed box? Weed box is a subscription company that delivers monthly boxes of cannabis products right to your door. They have five different types of boxes, including their signature THC Box and CBD Box. Every month they will send you the newest cannabis trends so that you can experiment with new strains, edibles, vapes, concentrates, and other goodies.

1. Weed Box

We are excited about what weed box has to offer! You’ll get samples as we’ve never seen before which makes trying things out fun because you’re not committing to it with a larger purchase. A weed subscription box can be very efficient in helping you discover new and helpful ways to consume. If you’re new to dabbing, a subscription box may be the most cost-effective way to try it without having to invest a lot of money in a new dab rig upfront.

  • You’ll enjoy the best cannabis products from dispensaries across California and beyond
  • You can choose between five different types of boxes that include THC, CBD, Vegan, Connoisseur, or Mystery Boxes where you never know what’s inside!
  • Every month they will send you new samples so you don’t get bored with your stash. They also offer discounts on future purchases if something in the box interests you. Plus every order supports small businesses!
    It sounds like weed box is here for all our needs: convenience (you only have to sign up once), variety (choose any one of their subscription options), and sustainability/supporting local business owners alike. We all know that weed is the new wine, and now it’s even easier to find a perfect match.

2. How to get a weed box

What is Weed Box

To get a weed box all you have to do is head over and sign up for an account with the company. They offer monthly, quarterly or yearly options so that customers can pick their perfect subscription plan based on what they need at any given time. Then it’s as easy as filling in your payment info and picking which type of box you want from our detailed menu – whether it be one day a week, two days per month or anything else!
The customer will then receive a notification when we’re ready to ship them out their first weed box. And voila! You’ll receive something like this:
“Weed Boxes are shipped every Monday.”

3. The benefits of getting a weed box

Weed boxes are different types of subscription services that offer a variety of products every month. Customers can select the type of service they want from one day per week, two days per month, or anything else! They also get to pick what kind of items come in their package which includes weed and other smoking accessories. The customer will then receive notifications when we’re ready to ship them out their first weedbox.

4. What you need to know before buying the weed box

What is Weed Box

The first thing you need to know is that weed box only ships within the US. The second thing is that there are different types of boxes available and each has a certain price point, from $14-$15/month up to over $200/month. You also have the option to buy just one item at any given time, two items every other month or three items per month with our higher level service plan. They offer this flexibility so people can build their own program based on what they think would work best for them!

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5. Things you will find in your weed box when it arrives

  • a vape pen. You can choose what flavor you want your weed to taste like and it is smokeable with no harmful chemicals since vaporizing burns at much lower temperatures than combustion.
  • THC chocolate bars, which come in milk or white varieties. These are great for those who don’t get the time to take doses throughout the day because they break into 16 pieces themselves! The best part about these chocolates is that there’s always enough dosage per square piece so people know what their intake will be every time they eat one of them. And not only do they offer different types of chocolates (milk, dark) but also sizes: mini size squares – perfect for when you need a quick dose on the go, and original size squares – perfect for when you have a little more time to enjoy.
  • weed box subscription is the best way to start your monthly cannabis regimen as it comes with 20% off on all THC goods! You can choose what type of plan you want:
    A) Monthly Subscription Plan (20% off + Free Shipping). This includes an assortment of goodies every month including edibles, concentrates, accessories, etc., or B) Quarterly Subscription Plan (25% off + Free Shipping). This pack will include items such as top shelf flowers in addition to other goodies like pre-rolls and lighters each quarter.
    Is Weed Box Legal?: Yes!
  • If you are outside of California, weed boxes will skip over your area and deliver to the next location where it is legal!
    Conclusion: Weedbox is excellent because they offer high end strains at reasonable prices with quick delivery times (typically within 72 hours), which means all my needs are met in one package – from THC products to things like glassware, rolling papers, etc., weed box has got me covered.
  • Weedbox is a subscription service that sends you weed every month! With the monthly plan, you will get three-quarters worth of product at 25% off plus free shipping, or with the quarterly option ($30/quarter) it’s 12.50%. I received two great packages so far – one after my first order (the first package was larger), and another on time for My birthday! The box came in an inconspicuous envelope outside to avoid any unnecessary attention from law enforcement officials; they also have a discreet return address label as well as a packing slip. This makes deliveries worry-free since there’s no hard evidence left behind if they happen to intercept your parcel.

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