What Is Terp Sauce?

Terp sauce is a cannabis extract that contains a high concentration of terpenes, resulting in a runny, syrupy sauce-like concentrate. Terpenes are the fragrant oils that give cannabis flower its many different aromas, such as lemon, pine, or skunk; they are also thought to contribute to the various effect profiles of cannabis strains. Terp sauce is often combined with more solid chunks of cannabis isolate or extract or processed into a vape cartridge. 

What is terp sauce?

Terp sauce is a cannabis concentrate that contains high levels of terpenes, which are the aromatic oils that give cannabis strains their scent. Their more technical name is “high terpene full spectrum extracts,” or HTFSEs. Not only are terpenes responsible for the sweet, earthy, and sour aromas found in cannabis, they are also thought to influence the overall effect of each strain. In other words, terpenes might contribute to the many effects associated with cannabis such as feeling relaxed, uplifted, focused, or stress-free. Terp sauce is a type of cannabis extract that concentrates these terpenes in a liquid, runny “sauce” that is usually vaporized or dabbed. 

Many different variations of terp sauce exist. Liquid terpene extracts may be combined with solid THCA or CBD isolate, or mixed with a potent distillate. It may fall somewhere in between, forming a soft, wax-like sugar. The common characteristic of terp sauces is that they are terpene-rich preparations, containing higher-than-average levels of terpenes. A terp sauce may, for example, contain 30% cannabinoids like THC and CBD, while the remaining 70% of the product is terpene extract.

How Is Terp Sauce Made?

What Is Terp Sauce?

In order to get the most flavorful dabs, terp sauce starts off with premium fresh frozen material, similar to live resin’s starting material. Each extraction process will be strain-dependent. Typically, concentrate manufacturers use hydrocarbons such as butane, propane, or a mix of both as a solvent using closed-loop equipment. Some manufacturers believe BHO extraction produces larger diamonds due to their larger runs. Closed-loop equipment contains and recycles the solvent solution for further use.

Terp sauce extraction differs from traditional extraction methods. While using a low boiling point solvent, sub-zero temperatures are employed to preserve terpenes, which have lower boiling points than the more popular cannabinoids. Butane extraction is used to separate the therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes from the rest of the inactive plant material.

After the initial extraction of terpenes and cannabinoids, manufacturers perform a light, no-vac purge at relatively low temperatures. The process will boil off any residual butane from the syrupy mixture. Manufacturers collect the terp sauce solution in jars and leave them in a dry, cool, and dark place for a few weeks for the THCA crystals and terpene separation to occur. Crystallization, also known as “diamond mining,” depends on the strain, extraction process, and more environmental factors.

Once the desired diamond amount and consistency is produced, manufacturers may perform a final purge. Some extractors will separate the different consistencies and purge them separately afterward. This ensures each concentrated compound receives a specialized purge for a more refined product. After many hours of dozens of hours of purging, the diamonds and sauce are recombined in a UV-proof container to reduce compound degradation. What’s left is high-quality terp sauce.

This highly pungent extract is a quickly growing product that attracts consumers that want a more balanced and powerful effect from marijuana. Today’s terp sauce even rivals other concentrate types in cannabinoid content as well as terpene levels. If you’re looking for a more flavorful experience when dabbing, turn to HTFSE such as terp sauce.

How to Smoke Terp Sauce

Now that you know what terp sauce is and how it’s made, the only question left on your mind is probably how you can smoke the stuff. Well, lucky for all the cannabis oil enthusiasts out there, the process of learning how to smoke terp sauce is rather easy! All you need is a dab rig, some sauce, and the will to get yourself super baked. If it sounds easy that’s probably because it is. Since terp sauce is, in essence, just another cannabis concentrate, it makes sense to dab it like you would any other oil.

The difference isn’t in how you get this cannabis concentrate into your body. Rather, sauce is unique for its flavorful and aromatic delivery and its high impact on your weed high. Do be careful when trying your hand at terp sauce, even if you’re a dabbing pro. With the terpene content almost doubled in this concentrate, the amplified entourage effect from terp sauce might just sweep you off your very feet. While a weed high that strong may sound fun now, it’s always better to play it safe and start small — you can always hit the sauce later, but you can’t take back the sauce you’ve already had. So, no matter how good your terp sauce may taste, don’t go crazy and consume it all at once!


What Is Terp Sauce?

Our dear potheads, don’t be discouraged when you see terp sauce has all these medical and therapeutic benefits. This doesn’t mean that this new concentrate won’t get you high, in fact, quite the opposite.  

Terp sauce is usually added to high THC extracts to make them stronger. When we say terp sauce contains high amounts of terpenes, this doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t contain huge quantities of THC. It all depends on the terpenes included in the mix, if chosen right, the high effect could be slightly different but even stronger than the one provided by other concentrates and extracts. 

Will terp sauce get you high? 

Some terp sauce chefs out there registered products with up to 40% of THC, so you wanted to get high huh?

However, if you were hoping for a strict medical use for terp sauce, and getting high is not in your bucket list, you can also make a CBD dominant terp sauce to ensure you only enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis. 

Difference between terp sauce and live resin

Terp sauce and live resin extracts are easily confused as they both tend to be full-spectrum extracts and may contain high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Live resin is a waxy cannabis extract that retains a high terpene profile because the source plant is frozen at subcritical temperatures before extraction, as opposed to first being dried and cured, a process which inevitably degrades the plant’s terpenes.

While live resin is typically high in terpenes, its chemical content is generally dominant in cannabinoids like THC. Terp sauce, on the other hand, is a terpene extract that may be combined with other cannabinoid-rich concentrates like isolate or distillate. Both products are cherished by terpene enthusiasts, and when choosing between the two, it ultimately comes down to which terpenes and cannabinoids you prefer and at what ratios/concentrations you prefer to enjoy them.

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