What is Liquid Weed and How to Make it

Liquid weed is a liquid that has THC and other cannabinoids. It can be used for smoking or vaping and has become popular among those who like to use marijuana. You may have seen it referred to as “honey oil” or “dabbing.” In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can make your liquid weed at home with the right ingredients!

1. What is a liquid weed?

Liquid weed is a mixture of cannabis extracts within an oily substance (usually some form of petroleum-based solvent) which are then converted into liquids through various processes such as heating, filtering, and evaporating solvents off. This process leaves behind highly concentrated oils in a variety of consistencies ranging from thin light green oils to thick amber oils.
Since liquid weed is extracted from cannabis plants, the potency of this kind of substance ranges high – it’s typically about 50% THC by volume for instance. This makes sense since you’re only using the flower and trim-leaf portions of a marijuana plant so these parts contain higher concentrations than whole-plant concentrates which use all aspects of a marijuana plant. That means that when smoking or vaping liquid weed your body will feel its effects more quickly because there is less material absorbing what little THC remains in the oil after the extraction process has been completed.
This also helps explain why some people prefer getting their highs through dabbing rather than smoking traditional blunts or joints as they can feel the effects faster and stronger with fewer hits.
Liquid Weed is a concentrated form of marijuana that is made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids from the dried cannabis material. This concentrate can be smoked or vaped in specialized vaporizers, it can also be mixed with food to create liquid pot edibles, which have become quite popular as recreational use continues to grow across the nation. One benefit of liquid weed over traditional smoking methods like blunts and joints is that because you are using less plant material your body will absorb more THC than if you were smoking dry flower buds so its effects come on quicker and stronger but wear off sooner. If this sounds appealing then read on for a step-by-step guide on how to make your own!

2. What are the effects of liquid weed?

What is Liquid Weed and How to Make it

The effects of liquid weed are similar to that of smoking or vaporizing cannabis but the high is more intense and can be felt almost immediately because there’s less plant material being combusted. The high from vaping with a pen lasts a shorter amount of time than traditional methods like smoking, which means you may need to vape more often. That said, it takes longer for your body to absorb THC when eating edibles so its effects will last much longer and “peak” later in comparison. With this method even if you eat too many cookies at once they won’t affect you as quickly while also getting stronger over time so it may take up to an hour before those strong effects kick in causing some people anxiety and panic attacks.

  • Eating weed is an alternative to smoking or vaporizing, it’s usually more potent and has a longer high duration but the effects can take up to an hour before they kick in. That said, you may need to eat more edibles at once than with traditional methods like smoking because THC takes time for your body to absorb which means the effects are delayed so you might overdo it on too many cookies if not careful. You should always wait some period between eating two different batches of edibles OR try taking smaller doses when trying something new especially if it’s strong (we recommend five milligrams).

3. How to use liquid weed

  • To use liquid weed you will need a vaporizer pen and some type of oil or vape juice.
  • First, buy a cartridge for your vaporizer (these can be found online) that is compatible with the style of battery/batteries it needs. This usually means 510 threads but there are other models as well which might have different threading so make sure before buying one.
  • After you have your cartridge or cartridges chosen for use with your vaporizer pen – fill it up! Add about 20 drops per milliliter to get started. You may need more depending on how potent you want this liquid weed experience to be;
  • Once filled with oil (or vape juice) screw the cartridge onto the battery/batteries (depending on what type of device you’re using), inhale deeply through the mouthpiece which produces vapors from the heating element inside the unit.

4. Why you should be careful with it:

What is Liquid Weed and How to Make it
  • The liquid is usually quite potent so you need to be careful with it. It might take a little while for your body to get used to the feeling of being high so make sure you are in an environment where you can sit back and relax, preferably somewhere quiet or calming;
  • Depending on which type of marijuana strain was used as well as what plant matter (like stems) were added – this liquid weed will have varying effects when smoked/vaporized causing some people who aren’t familiar with strains & processes to become paranoid by overdoing it.

5. How to make liquid weed:

  • Ingredients: marijuana, water, and a blender;
  • Method: pour the desired amount of bud into your blender with some water. Start by pouring in just enough warm/hot water so that when it comes through the top of the lid on your blender you can see two fingers’ worth of space left at the top (the plant matter should be fully submerged). Blend until you reach an even consistency then let sit for 24 hours;
  • Packaging & storage: I prefer using small glass jars or vials – they come pre-made and ready to use. Fill the jar with mixture from the blender before adding cap screwing tightly onto mouthpiece end, but not too tight because air needs room to escape.
  • Serving size: start with about a tablespoon for personal use and increase as desired.
  • Servings per container; one large jar or vial will last me at least two weeks of regular usage.

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