Wake and Bake

If you’ve ever consumed marijuana in the morning, you may have found yourself wondering about the science behind a wake and bake.

It always seems to happen this way. The alarm clock goes off early in the morning to remind you there is a job and an evil boss out there eagerly waiting to make your life a living hell. You scream out something like, “Just one more hour of sleep!” before rolling over to hit the snooze. But then you see it—a fully loaded bowl of your favorite strain.

So, before anything else you reach for the smoking device waiting patiently on the nightstand for you to engage in the most sacred of morning rituals: the wake and bake. All of sudden, that desperate outlook on the day has somehow been transformed. The thought of getting out of bed and even putting on pants seems a little less doom and gloom than it was 30 seconds before. Marijuana has made the day more palatable.

For some, catching a head full of THC is just as much a part of wiping the cobwebs from the brain than several cups of coffee. But what is it about a wake and bake that has the ability to pull a person out of the morning funk and give them the strength to hit the ground running?

Wake and Bake Capital of the World

Not every marijuana consumer wakes and bakes. But, according to a 2017 Global Drug Survey, nearly 22 percent of the pot smokers in the United States do, in fact, catch a buzz within the first 10 minutes of the day. This makes the Land of the Free the leading nation in the world for wake and bake activities.

Although the data does not give any explanation for this phenomenon, there is some speculation. It is likely due to the majority of the American workforce being miserable. Last year, a Gallup poll found that two-thirds of the workers across the nation “hate” their jobs. What’s more is, over half of them feel no connection to their work.

Most of the respondents said they simply do the bare minimum in order to collect a check. But being high in the morning has a way of erasing some of the anxiety of dead-end employment. For some, this practice even provides a boost that lends to super-productivity.

Wake and Bake Science

As with all things marijuana, there is very little documented science behind the wake and bake. But everyone seems to agree that marijuana gets us higher first thing in the morning than any other time of day. There are a number of theories concerning this subject.

Some believe the intensity is nothing more than an illusion—the brain is not functioning at full capacity yet, thus creating the perception of a more intense buzz. But there is a more logical reason. When smoking marijuana first thing in the morning, the THC is hitting a drained body. It is similar to how coffee reacts differently in people who drink it in the morning, as opposed to later in the day.

In the morning, the body has been without nutrients for several hours. This makes THC appear more potent. Why? Nothing else has yet been consumed for cannabinoids to compete with. Think of it in terms of other medications. If taken on an empty stomach, these drugs are stronger than usual. As for the achieving the uplifting effects from a wake and bake, the science is in the hundreds of components in a strain.

The Night Before

Preparations for your wake and bake should begin the night before. Otherwise, you run the risk of letting little things eat into your day off. Use the following checklist to ensure that the right plans are in place:

  • Confirm that your schedule is clear
  • Ensure you have the best cannabis products
  • Set out your comfortable clothes to wear in the morning
  • Check that you have toiletries and other household essentials
  • Set out the ingredients that you need for breakfast
  • Complete any household tasks now such as putting the trash bins out if needed

Apart from anything else, this will help clear your mind for a better night’s sleep. In turn, this will have a telling impact on your wake and bake activities.

The Morning

The clue is in the title. Preparing for the morning ahead should be a priority for your Wake and Bake. There are several key things to remember, but when you get them right, it sets the perfect foundation for building a successful day of relaxation.

Get out of bed: Waking up is important if you wish to avoid the threat of falling straight back to sleep and missing the benefits of the cannabis-infused morning. Besides, there is no greater start to the day than watching the sunrise from your window while enjoying your fresh bud.

Start low: The body is more sensitive in the early morning, which is why using a low dosage is best. Better still, choosing a solution that includes CBD will provide a balance to the effects of THC. 

If you are opting to wake and bake with an edible, give yourself an ample amount of time for your body to process the effects, as your high can lasts for 4-6 hours. And always start with the recommended dose or lower in the case of edibles. Remember start low and go slow.

Eat a good breakfast: Take this opportunity to have bacon, eggs, muffins, and all the other delightful treats you desire. A sustaining breakfast and the best cannabis products are the formulae for a perfect morning.

The Day

Throughout the rest of the day, you can relax and perhaps enjoy a little relaxed creativity. This could mean completing a little meditation or various other tasks. The day is yours to do as you see fit, even if it’s simply sitting on the sofa chilling with Netflix.

However, you must remember to stay hydrated at all times. It will combat the dry mouth and eyes while making you less groggy once the high begins to fade.

We hope this guide helps you on your next wake and bake session! To find the best products to wake up with, browse our online menu. You can even get your products delivered to your door, so you can stay in your pajamas all day if you so choose!

Choose The Right Strain

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Your practices surrounding the wake and bake are important, but choosing the right strain may be one of the more crucial aspects of having an optimal session.

You’ll want to go for a sativa or sativa-heavy hybrid to prevent an indica’s overwhelming sense of relaxation and urge to lay down “just for a bit” before starting the day.

There are plenty of sativas that will cause users to feel stimulated, energetic, and creative. Take Casey Jones for examples. This strain provides a comfortable cerebral high that helps users feel alert and energized, making it perfect for morning use.

Cue Up a Super Chill Playlist

Wake and Bake

Nothing beats a comfortable, quiet morning than an overlay of relaxing tunes to ease your mood. This ultimate carefree day deserves to be punctuated by the sweet sounds of music. We recommend these playlists by Odesza and Tycho for all your chill music needs.

Final Thoughts On The Perfect Wake and Bake

There’s a big difference between a lazy Sunday morning wake and bake and a before-work wake and bake. Make sure you know which one you’re going for.

You can get away with staying in pajamas, falling back asleep, and generally having a lazy weed-infused day if that’s your plan. It’s pretty easy to do that and requires little planning.

If you’re trying to wake and bake and continue functioning like the responsible adult you are, even before work, these tips should help you keep it together and get the best results.

Wake and Bake

Keep Hydrated

As we all know, cannabis tends to leave a bit of dry mouth and dry eyes that can be incredibly dehydrating. Remember to always drink water, juice, or other hydrating liquids before, during, and after your session in order to feel your best throughout the day and night. Drinking plenty of water is a great habit to form and will leave you less groggy once your high diminishes regardless when it is consumed.

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