Tiger’s Milk Weed Strain

The Tiger’s Milk strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid with an equal leaning to both uplift and quieten the mood. It has an earthy vanilla flavor with a delicate flowery aftertaste that is both earthly and reminiscent of vanilla. Tiger’s Milk is also popular for severe pain alleviation, making it useful for such ailments as fibromyalgia and lupus.  If you’d like to buy Tiger’s Milk Strain, use marijuana delivery to your home.

Tiger’s Milk is a popular marijuana strain that lives up to its fearsome reputation. It’s become renowned for its powerful euphoric highs, which mellow over time to totally relax the user. Its indica heritage lends this strain a potent sedative effect, and it isn’t uncommon for it to be used as a great sleeping aid or as an effective pain reliever.

Tiger’s Milk is a high-CBD strain developed and produced by the company Bodhi Seeds, who have been known as something of an enigma in the cannabis industry. They are a family-friendly business that continues to distribute most of their goods through other resellers and word of mouth. Despite their lack of promotion or even a website, their strains are just as popular now – an excellent indication of quality, which is reflected in Tiger’s Milk’s popularity.

Tiger’s Milk is an excellent combination strain, whether you’re searching for a quick, euphoric high or therapeutic relief.

What is the Tiger’s Milk Cannabis Strain?

Tiger’s Milk is a hybrid strain that, like Bubba Kush and Appalachia, is indica-dominant and produces an intense dreamy state following the initial high, which it has acquired from both of its parents.

Bubba Kush is well-known for its powerful relaxing properties, which dull the user’s senses and put them in a deep sleep. Tiger’s Milk has a comparable strong hit to its parent, but it isn’t quite as powerful. THC levels in this strain range from 15% to 17%, whereas Bubba Kush can reach 22 percent THC concentration.

Something which it has inherited from Appalachia is its important medicinal benefits. Appalachia is well-known for encouraging appetite and dulling the pain of conditions such as Crohn’s disease. Tiger’s milk can also numb chronic pain throughout the body, its numerous health gains are something we will explore later in the article.

Tiger’s Milk Cannabis Strain Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

The strain is known for its lovely, rich color. The flowers are a vibrant green hue and have long and thin buds tucked between each cluster. Despite their form, the buds are surprisingly dense, with beautiful golden trichomes that are extremely sticky to the touch. You’ll also notice typical burnt orange curly pistils throughout the plant, which give it a beautiful appearance.

Tiger’s Milk is earthy and bold, much like its forefather OG Kush. It isn’t for the faint of heart, and it pays homage to the natural fragrance that has become associated with cannabis. It embraces the natural scent that has come to be synonymous with marijuana, but some smokers, particularly newbies, find it overpowering. Behind the earthy notes lies a sweet vanilla undertone that slowly emerges through the skunk.

Tiger’s Milk has a very smooth texture when smoked and its smell is similar to its taste. Again, it has a very earthy taste, followed by sweeter flavors like vanilla. Some people even notice a flowery aftertaste which breaks up the intense hashy flavors.

Tiger’s Milk Grow Info

Fortunately, inexperienced growers will find Tiger’s Milk to be a simple strain to cultivate, and it is commercially cultivated by Bodhi Seeds. The plant may grow in both indoor and outdoor environments. However, because its ideal weather is warm and semi-humid conditions, you should determine whether your environment would be a good fit for this variety. The second advantage of growing this strain is the fact that it has some of the quickest flowering periods, which generally last from 7 to 9 weeks. It is typically ready for harvest in mid-October for outdoor growers.

This plant grows to a medium height, reaching 30 inches to 68 inches in length. This makes it a very efficient strain; you may cultivate larger amounts all year long and it’s also less time-consuming for busy people like myself. Because this plant grows so fast, you should trim it every now and again to ensure that all of the nutrients go toward budding development – which you’ll need since this plant produces such a large yield.

Tiger’s Milk is notorious for its high yield, which is excellent news for those looking for both quality and quantity.

Tiger’s Milk Effects

What are the after effects of smoking this variety? You may need to sit down for this one. The initial buzz is very quick-acting, and after a few puffs, you might be swept away into an ecstatic euphoric state. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get creative and be inspired by the smooth marijuana high. A greater sense of relaxation spreads throughout your body and mind following this high, leaving you slumped on the sofa unable to focus on any job-related matters. While it’s not as debilitating as other strains, it can cause lethargy if you have less tolerance for high THC levels. Because of this, it has become synonymous with night-time use as it promotes calmness and sleep – perfect for after a long day of stress and worry.

Medical Cannabis Benefits of Tiger’s Milk

Considering its effects, its unsurprising that Tiger’s Milk has many beneficial medicinal qualities. Like its predecessor, Appalachia, it may be a great way to combat painful and debilitating disorders. Its ability to completely relax the smoker’s body is great at limiting chronic pain in conditions such as:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle spasms
  • Insomnia
  • Lupus

It can also help with everyday annoyances such as headaches and nausea because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Those who struggle with insomnia may find this strain useful because of its sedative effect on the body, which often leaves the smoker slipping away into sleep.

But the strain doesn’t only give physical relief, its strong psychoactive presence means that it can help with a variety of mental disorders and worries, including:

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Bi-polar and mood disorders

Always double-check to see if cannabis will conflict with any medicines you’re taking. And, to be safe, have a discussion with your doctor before smoking this strain.

Possible Negative Side Effects of Tiger’s Milk

The few drawbacks this strain has are reflected in its recognized traits. This strain is not for the faint of heart due to its potent high, as stated previously. Unfamiliar smokers can frequently become dizzy and nauseous, which may lead to anxiety. It’s vital to figure out which strains are best suited for you right now. It might be a good idea to start with a less powerful one before working your way up.

Another issue common with strong psychoactive strains is ‘cotton mouth’, it can really sap up all your saliva, which isn’t pleasant to experience. It’s also important to always stay hydrated and smoke in a comfortable and safe environment to lesson any possible negative effects.

Final Thoughts

What can we say about this strain? It’s a fantastic all-rounder for both performance and effect. You don’t just get intense cerebral pleasure, but also physical relaxation. Whether you use it for fun or medicinal purposes, you won’t be disappointed by the THC level of its parents. For a novice or seasoned grower, Purple Haze is an excellent strain to cultivate since it develops quickly and gives massive harvests. Overall, a fantastic strain that lives up to its reputation and popularity.

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