The Most Expensive Cannabis Strains

Cannabis strains can be expensive due to the rarity of their genetics, how demanding they are during cultivation and production.

A lot of people in today’s society who use marijuana do so because it has medicinal properties for them to address health issues like chronic pain management, anxiety, or depression.

The most expensive cannabis strains are the ones that provide a high potency with less of an impact on your wallet. If you’re looking for something to get you stoned, there’s always going to be a strain out there that will do it and keep some money in your pocket at the same time. Some more expensive weed is bred from other plants like Blueberry and White Widow which create hybrids that pack both punch and value!

The costs of marijuana depend on quality and quantity purchased; however, as long as it is used responsibly it shouldn’t be too detrimental to one’s finances.

It varies by state but the average cost can range between $30-$120 an eighth with some states like California seeing prices as high as $250 an eighth.

The average cost of a gram in the U.S is around $15 with some states seeing prices up to 25% higher than other state averages because they have legalized cannabis for recreational use such as Colorado and Washington State who see their rates hovering around $20 per gram.

The Most Expensive Cannabis Strains

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The most expensive cannabis strain

Some more expensive cannabis out there is bred from these special breeds, and in turn, can cost quite a bit. For example, “Rare Dankness” costs $260 per ounce while some others go for only about $30-50 per ounce depending on what you buy. They say it’s worth every penny though because this type of weed goes above and beyond what a normal “pot” does – after all, if you’re going to spend money on something, you might as well make it worth your while.

  • Green Crack Haze -$115 a half OZ for those who want that extra kick from their weed (this type is so potent though that most people smoke only one bowl at a time) or try using with caution if they’re not experienced, smokers. These are just some examples of what’s out there in terms of cost and quality.
  • Blue Dream is very expensive variety of weed.
  • Rare Dankness comes in at a close second with an ounce costing $260 on average, which can be well worth it for those looking to treat themselves or find relief from chronic pain and anxiety.
  • Tahoe OG Kush is also considered one of the priciest cannabis strains available today coming in around $150 per ounce but this type has been known to go up as high as $300+ depending on quality and quantity purchased; however, you should know that it’s not just about how much money you spend: if what you’re buying doesn’t suit your needs then there really isn’t any point in going all out (and spending more than you have to).
  • Other expensive cannabis strains include Durban Poison, Blueberry Punch CBD Kush, and Strawberry Banana OG.
  • The most expensive weed in the world is a variety called “Alpine” which sells for around $320 per ounce.

Why are they so expensive?

The prices of the most expensive cannabis strains are so high because they’re not grown in mass quantities whereas there is a lower demand for these types of weed, the more expensive it will be.
A good example would be when you buy an iPhone from Apple; this product is only made available to those who can afford and need one so as time goes on their value increases even though they come at a higher price than other brands. The same thing happens with the most expensive cannabis strains- people want them but they’re not always readily available which makes them cost more.

What makes them so special and why would someone want to invest in this type of product?

The main thing that makes the most expensive cannabis strains “special” would be the high THC level. A lot of people invest in these types of products because they want to experience different highs than what is typically available for purchase, and it’s a way to explore new avenues without sacrificing quality or price. A lot of people are looking for more intense feelings from their weed so as long as those interested know exactly what they’re getting into with the most expensive cannabis strains, it can make for an interesting ride!

The most expensive cannabis strains are not always readily available which makes them cost more.

Do any celebrities smoke these strains?

It’s a popular misconception that celebs who are known for their smoking habits smoke the most expensive cannabis strains. In reality, these celebrities can’t even afford to buy them because they’re so expensive!

Celebrities, who smoke weed

Celebrities, who smoke weed are famous for smoking a lot of lower-grade weed. There is even an entire industry dedicated to selling celebrity-branded low-quality weed, which is why they can afford it and smoke so much!
The most expensive cannabis strains have the best THC content in order to give you you are desired high. You might not be able to afford them now but if you save up enough money then maybe one day you will be able to stop paying attention.
If someone does want to spend more on their favorite type of marijuana, there are plenty of ways that they can do this without breaking the bank when buying expensive weed online or at brick-and-mortar dispensaries. They could simply purchase less expensive types like the black market or top-shelf dope and save the rest for expensive weed products.

The Most Expensive Cannabis Strains

List of stoner celebrities

  • Woody Harrelson;
  • Snoop Dogg;
  • Seth Rogen;
  • Bill Murray.
    These are just some examples of people who smoke weed and have become famous for it in one way or another. There are many more like them, but we will not list all.

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