Sure-Jell and Certo are named for a type of fruit pectin/polysaccharide produced by the Kraft Heinz Company and several others. This comes in the form of a white starch powder. This kind of fiber is present in fruit such as apples. Homemakers use the properties of fruit pectin to make jams which can keep in a stored state much longer than fresh fruit. It has the property of being able to bind and expel substances from the digestive tract. It may cause diarrhea but this is the effect that is valued when using the substance to help to pass a drug test. Some crafty toker recognized that this effect would surely help get edibles and left-over weed residues out of the digestive tract. The total surface area of the digestive tract is about the size of a floor of a studio apartment, so cleaning all the weed residues off of the total area of an apartment floor will definitely reduce the levels in the body, blood, and urine.

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Certo Instructions

These are the instructions for how to use sure jell to pass a drug test for weed (tips on how to use sure gel to pass a drug test including for passing lab tests for probation)

  1. Cease using any drugs or abuse as soon as you get word that you will need to take a drug test. The sooner, the better. Also, you should consider some non-traditional substances that may be tested for such as kratom, nicotine, ADHD stimulants, opioids prescribed for pain, and benzodiazepines such as Klonopin and Xanax prescribed for anxiety. Also avoid anything with poppy seed, like poppy seed buns or poppy seed muffins.
  2. Purchase 2 boxes of Sure Gel from Walmart or Amazon. Any grocery store will have it.
  3. Purchase two 32 ounce bottles of Gatorade.
  4. Put a pack of Sure Gel into your Gatorade before bed the day before your test. Drink it down. Be ready to poop and sleep.
  5. 4 hours before your test, but the other pack into your Gatorade and drink it down. Be ready to spend some time on the toilet.
  6. 2 hours before your test, drink 24 ounces of a premade detox drink like Mega Clean by Detoxify or make your own drink by combining 24 ounces of water with ¼ teaspoon of salt, ¼ teaspoon of baking soda, 5 grams of creatine, and one b-vitamin complex pill. Conversely, you can eat a large well-salted steak and wash it down with 24 ounces of water with a dash of salt and baking soda. This will give you all the nutrients you need to dilute the urine a little bit so that the level of drugs is low, but the levels of creatine and b-vitamins are high enough to conceal dilution.

Does the Certo Drug Detox Method Actually Work?

Picking the right detox method can keep you employed or help you avoid a probation violation. 

You may have heard of using Certo or Sure Jell, fruit pectin brands, to flush THC and their metabolites from the body. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this method can be effective.

However, there is no clinical evidence demonstrating or explaining its efficacy as a detox. The most likely reason that Certo detoxes work is because they incorporate the consumption of copious amounts of water and a daily dose of vitamins. 

Anecdotal Evidence Says Fruit Pectin Might Work as a Detox Method

There is no peer-reviewed evidence exploring the use of fruit pectin as a detox method. However, there is an abundance of documented anecdotal evidence: forum posts written by cannabis users with first-hand experience using fruit pectin to pass drug tests. 

A 2010 Rollitup survey by 31 forum users answered the question, does Certo pass a drug test? This is what those responders had to say:

  • 19.4% said they’d heard it did not work. 
  • 38% said they’d heard it did work. 
  • 19.4% said it had not worked for them. 
  • 22.6% said that it had worked for them. 

This 2012 Reddit post explaining in detail how to use Certo to pass a drug test has over 243 comments, many of which come from users who followed the instructions and passed a test. There are many other forum posts describing successful uses of Certo to pass a drug test.  

However, without clear scientific evidence explaining why these users were successful, there is no way to conclusively prove it was the fruit pectin. In each case, the authors of each post and those who responded positively had one thing in common: they drank enormous quantities of water in a very short time.
Many of them drank 1-2 entire gallons of water in a 2-hour window or less.

Most of them also consumed a multivitamin and B12 to keep their urine from appearing diluted. There is a very high probability that the reason they passed their drug tests is because they diluted their pee with water and masked the dilution with supplemental vitamins. 

If you know that you are going to have to take a drug test, the best things you can do to increase the likelihood of a clean screen are to stop consuming pot immediately and drink lots of water in the days leading up to your test.   


  • THC is primarily eliminated from the body through your stools.
  • THC and its main metabolites are fat soluble.
  • Pectin which is Certo or Sure Gel stops absorption of THC into the blood, which also reduces it in the urine.
  • Your body makes bile to bind to ingested fat and make it dissolve in water.
  • Fruit pectin (fiber) binds to bile in the intestines.
  • Fruit pectin can only leave the body through stools and is thus automatically sent to the colon.
  • Fiber increases bowel movement.
  • You know that many of the marijuana metabolites leave your body through urine, else they wouldn’t be able to test for them that way.


THC that ends up in your urine is mostly what was reabsorbed from your intestines into your bloodstream before it could leave that way, much of it residing inside fat cells from ingested food.

This detox process increases your bowel movements, which is a good way to make sure as much THC as possible leaves the body before it gets a chance to be reabsorbed.   Fruit pectin fiber (Sure Jell/Certo), when leaving your body through “the back door”, takes some bile with it on its way out. The bile, which is a fat transporter, takes fat with it when leaving the body.  And since fat binds the fat soluble THC, it brings THC out of your body along with it in the feces rather than the blood and urine.

How Certo or Fruit Pectin Can Help Detox Your System

One of the main misconceptions about Certo is that it traps toxins by coating your stomach. In reality, it works as a typical fiber by enabling your body to absorb and expel the toxins via your fecal matter. As it forms into a gel, it absorbs more liquids than ‘normal’ fibers. As toxins that normally leave your system via urine end up in your stools, Certo is theoretically a great way to pass a urine drug test.

For instance, here’s a more detailed explanation of how Certo detoxes your system. Fruit pectin traps the toxins and breaks them down into smaller metabolites that are easier to remove. The process typically takes 60 minutes and can last for 3-5 hours in total. Eventually, the toxins are released and leave the body via your urine.

Certo is high in fiber and carbohydrates. Therefore, this results in an insulin boost in healthy adults which causes the body to store calories for energy rather than using them. The body also burns or metabolizes fat for energy. When fat-soluble toxins are released from the fat cells, they end up back in the bloodstream, saliva, urine, and other fluids. The fast-acting carbs in Certo cause an insulin spike which prevents fat burning for a short period and shuffles the herbal detoxing minerals and nutrients in the concoction.

Finally, Certo absorbs the toxins that are naturally released from the body via stools, urine, and other body fluids. Toxins find it easier to leave the body via fluids but Certo’s fiber absorbs the fluids in your intestines and stomach and this action results in toxin release via solids. Unlike other ‘quick fix’ detoxes, you have to begin the Certo plan 24 hours before the test.

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