Sugar Mints Hybrid

Sugar Mints Hybrid is an instant classic. This premium feminized hybrid melds two award-winning strains—Larry OG and Animal Cookies— to create a potent Indica-dominant cultivar that produces many elite phenotypes. Sugar Mints Hybrid plants are stacked with bulky, heavy colas that are coated in a thick layer of sugary trichomes.

Larry OG, also known as Lemon Larry, is a legendary OG Kush phenotype that has received acclaim from growers, breeders, and users around the world. This exceptional variety offers a larger yield and more robust structure than most OG Kush cuts. Animal Cookies, in turn, is known for its exceptional resin production, exotic flavor, and narcotic effects. By combining these two varieties, Greenpoint Seeds has created Sugar Mints Hybrid—a top-tier hybrid that brings together the best traits of OG Kush and Cookies.

Sugar Mint Strain

Larry OG Lineage

Some growers believe that Larry OG, the mother of Sugar Mints Hybrid, is an original phenotype of OG Kush; however, it bears some differences from the original phenotype. Notably, Larry OG tends to produce a larger yield and thicker branches than most OGs. As a result, many believe that Larry OG is an S1 or a hybrid of OG Kush. Larry OG reportedly came from a group of bikers in Orange County, California, during the early 2000s.

The lineage of OG Kush is unknown. Due to the strain’s lemony flavor and Kush-like structure, many people have suggested that OG Kush may be a hybrid of Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush. Others say that it may be a descendant of Chemdawg, given its funky, earthy aroma.

Animal Cookies Lineage

Animal Cookies, the other parent of Sugar Mints Hybrid, brings together two elite strains—Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. Although the ancestry of Girl Scout Cookies is ambiguous, the Cookies Family has said that it is a three-way hybrid of Durban Poison, Florida OG, and a mysterious strain known as “F1.”

Fire OG, the other parent of Animal Cookies, is one of the most coveted OG Kush cuts in America. Fire OG is said to be an original phenotype of OG Kush; however, some growers believe that it might be an S1 or hybrid of OG.

Sugar Mint Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Greenpoint Seeds used the coveted, clone-only cut of Animal Cookies to pollinate the renowned Larry OG. The resulting strain, Sugar Mints Hybrid, produces a variety of phenotypes that present the award-winning qualities of both parents. Some plants may offer the balanced effects and lemon-pine aroma of Larry OG, and others may offer the narcotic stone and incredible resin production of Animal Cookies. Most phenotypes will present a combination of these characteristics.

Sugar Mint is an Indica-dominant feminized hybrid. Growers value feminized seeds because these seeds make the growing process simple. By using feminized seeds, growers can rest assured that 99.9 percent of the seeds will produce all-female plants. This eliminates the need to keep a close eye on the plants and separate the males from the garden.

Sugar Mint Aroma

Larry OG offers a complex and pungent aroma that is sweet and funky. This variety reeks of pine, soil, gasoline, and lemon-scented cleaning products. When the buds are ground up, hints of orange also become noticeable.

In contrast, Animal Cookies offers a rich, sweet-and-sour scent that is incredibly aromatic. The flowers emanate the sweet fragrance of brown sugar, cherry, and cookie dough, coupled with sharp notes of petrol, skunk, and soil. When breaking apart the flowers of Animal Cookies, hints of pine and pepper are released.

Sugar Mint unites the mouthwatering aromas of Larry OG and Animal Cookies. This cultivar smells of pine, lemon, orange, soil, and petrol, mixed with notes of cookie dough, cherries, and brown sugar. Depending on the phenotype, some plants may lean toward the lemony bouquet of Larry OG, and others may offer more of the sweet-and-sour scent of Animal Cookies.

Sugar Mint Flavor

Sugar Mint melds the flavors of its parents, coating the palate with flavors of pine, lemon, orange, soil, and gasoline, as well as hints of cookie dough, cherries, brown sugar, and menthol. The smoke is smooth and lingers on the tongue long after smoking Sugar Mints Hybrid. Some OG-dominant phenotypes will taste more of citrus and pine, and some Cookies-dominant phenotypes will lean toward notes of cherries and cookie dough. Most plants will offer a mixture of these flavors.

Sugar Mint Effects

Larry OG offers a potent but well-balanced effect. Users report that this variety provides a strong cerebral high that may elevate the mood and reduce stress. This invigorating cerebral effect is balanced with a mellow, body-numbing stone that may reduce pain, ease muscle tension, and stimulate the appetite. Larry OG offers a blissful and soothing effect that is powerful but not overwhelming. When consumed in moderation, Larry OG makes for a great afternoon smoke.

Animal Cookies provides powerful and narcotic effects. This Indica-dominant variety produces a strong body buzz that may ease tension and reduce pain. The high comes on quickly, elevating the mood, boosting the appetite, and relaxing the body. When consumed in excess, this strain may send even the most seasoned stoners into a deep sleep.

Sugar Mint combines the well-balanced high of Larry OG with the narcotic and sleep-inducing stone of Animal Cookies. The high begins with a wave of euphoria, and slowly transforms into a calming and comforting stone. Larry OG-dominant phenotypes may be more uplifting and cerebral, and Animal Cookies-dominant phenotypes may be more narcotic.

Sugar Mint Structure

One of Larry OG’s prized traits is its robust structure. This variety tends to produce a larger yield and sturdier branches than most OG Kush phenotypes. Larry OG is medium to tall in height, with thick branches and large, emerald-green leaves. This cultivar produces huge, heavy colas that are generously dusted with resin. Larry OG forms dense, golf ball-shaped buds adorned with lime-green calyxes, dark-green sugar leaves, orange pistils, and milky trichomes.

Animal Cookies is medium to tall in height, with long, thin branches and dark-green leaves. The leaves often display shades of purple and red when exposed to cold temperatures. Animal Cookies forms bright-green, popcorn-size buds dappled with purple sugar leaves and red-orange pistils.

Like its parents, Sugar Mints Hybrid is medium to tall in height, with long branches that have substantial internodal spacing. This variety forms medium to large colas that are heavily coated in resin. The flowers are exceptionally dense and sticky. When exposed to cold temperatures, some phenotypes of Sugar Mints Hybrid may display hues of purple and red in the leaves and buds.

Growing Sugar Mints Hybrid

Larry OG is a moderately easy strain to cultivate and is resistant to most pests, diseases, and environmental stressors. This variety can be grown both indoors and outdoors, using a variety of cultivation techniques. When grown outdoors, Larry OG favors a temperate climate with low humidity. Larry OG tends to be a heavy feeder and thrives on a diet rich in calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, and phosphorus.

Animal Cookies, on the other hand, is a challenging strain for most inexperienced growers to cultivate. This strain is sensitive to changes in pH and temperature, as well as other environmental stresses. Animal Cookies performs best in a controlled environment, with a stable pH, ample lighting, and proper nutrition.

Sugar Mint is easier to grow than most Cookies varieties and is resistant to most pests and diseases. This variety is adaptable and can thrive both indoors and outdoors. However, some Animal Cookies-dominant phenotypes may be more sensitive to environmental stresses.

Both Larry OG and Animal Cookies tend to stretch significantly during the early flowering period. Like its parents, most phenotypes of Sugar Mints Hybrid will stretch in height during the early flowering period. Growers can limit the vertical stretch and increase the yield of this cultivar by using a variety of high-stress and low-stress training methods. The plants respond well to topping, fimming, super cropping, and other training techniques.

Pest & Disease Control 

Most phenotypes of Sugar Mints Hybrid are resistant to pests and diseases; however, some plants may be susceptible to infections of powdery mildew. Fungal diseases such as powdery mildew can be prevented by providing the plants with sufficient lighting and air circulation, and lowering the humidity level, particularly during the flowering period. Growers can also use foliar sprays such as water and apple cider vinegar solutions to stop the spread of powdery mildew.

Due to the density and frost of the buds, some Sugar Mints Hybrid plants may be prone to bud rot. Growers can prevent bud rot by lightly pruning the plants, providing sufficient ventilation, and keeping the humidity level below 50 percent during the flowering period.

Most OG and Cookies strains require an ample supply of micronutrients. Growers can prevent calcium and magnesium deficiencies by using a cal-mag supplement or amending the growing medium with dry amendments such as Epsom salt and dolomite lime. Because some Animal Cookies-dominant phenotypes may be sensitive to pH fluctuations, it is recommended that growers use a pH meter when mixing the nutrient solutions.

Harvesting & Curing Sugar Mints Hybrid

Sugar Mint typically finishes the flowering cycle in nine weeks; however, some phenotypes may take up to ten weeks to ripen fully. To determine if the plants are ripe, growers can use a magnifying glass or microscope to observe the resin glands on the flowers. When the trichomes have turned white, with some starting to turn amber, the plants are fully mature. If the plants are harvested when the trichomes are transparent, Sugar Mints Hybrid may deliver a more stimulating, Sativa-like high. Harvesting the plants when the trichomes are mostly amber may result in a more narcotic effect. Harvesting the plants at peak ripeness will allow growers to achieve maximum yield and potency.

One to two weeks before harvest, growers typically stop feeding the plants with fertilizers and flush them with distilled water. Flushing the plants may help to remove excess fertilizer in the buds, improving their overall quality. During the flushing period, the fan leaves of Sugar Mints Hybrid may display shades of yellow, purple, and red.

Growers typically harvest the plants by removing the large top colas first. Next, they remove the large fan leaves and manicure the flowers by trimming away the frosty sugar leaves around the flowers. These sugar leaves can be saved and used to make hash, tinctures, and many other products.

After trimming the buds, they are ready to be dried. Growers can hang the branches up or place them on a drying rack for roughly three to six days. It may take longer to dry Sugar Mints Hybrid, given the extreme density and frost of the buds. When the stems snap rather than bend, they are fully dried.

After the plants have been dried, the final step is to cure them. The curing process is essential, as it preserves the potency, aroma, and flavor of the buds. To cure the flowers, growers cut the buds from the branches and store them in sealable glass jars. They keep the jars in a cool, dry, and dark place, and open them once or twice a day. This process prevents moisture from accumulating in the flowers. After approximately two to three weeks, the buds are ready to be smoked; however, it may take up to eight weeks to properly cure them.

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