Smart Carts Vapes

With an ever-growing demand for vaporizers in the legal cannabis industry, the black market wants a slice of the pie as well. One brand of vape cartridges (carts) that has risen to infamy, is famously known as “Smart Cart”.

The Organic Smart cart cartridges have an appealing packaging and label. This cartridge brand is from Los Angeles. They do not have a Weedmaps page (most trustworthy and premium THC cartridges do). Also, I could not find a single lab test result of their distillate oil on their Instagram feed. It’s important to point out that you can purchase the empty packaging and smart cart cartridges from a Chinese marketplace that delivers to America. I found more evidence proving these are nothing more than black market carts.

Smart Carts have gained a lot of popularity in legal and illegal states. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this brand. I first discovered them through a resource without a license to sell cannabis. The fact that I meet someone without a proper cannabis license selling these prefilled cartridges was another huge red flag. I could not find these THC oil cartridges for sale in any dispensary nearby. They also were not available in any cannabis delivery services in the bay area where I reside.

This counterfeit manufacturing company is supposedly produced by Smartbud, but neither name appears on the California Bureau of Cannabis Control”s list of licensed cannabis businesses — which means that you are likely dealing with a phony and potentially unsafe product. 

Let’s start with an important caveat for today’s vape lesson: All Smart Carts, which are supposedly produced by a California dispensary called Smartbud, are fake. As in, all Smart Carts are unlicensed, black market products that are not tested for safety. 

So, to spot a “fake,” just spot a Smart Cart. That said, there are now counterfeit versions of this popular unlicensed brand — so you may be dealing with a knock-off of a phony brand. A meta-fake vape, if you will. 

Smart Carts are supposedly manufactured by Smartbud, but neither Smartbud nor Smart Carts show up as licensed cannabis businesses at the California Bureau of Cannabis Control. There is one dispensary in LA called the Smart Collective Corporation, but it has no association with Smartbud or Smart Cart products.

Smart Carts Vapes

Smart Cart Vape Flavor Review

There are currently ten flavors available for the Smart Cart cartridges. Below is a list of the flavors we found available:

  1. Purple Punch
  2. Banana OG
  3. Mimosa
  4. Sour Diesel
  5. Gelato
  6. XXX OG
  7. Skywalker OG
  8. King Louis
  9. Wedding Cake
  10. BC

These terpene profiles can easily be purchased online, and anyone with raw distillate can easily make these THC cartridges. Unfortunately, that raw distillate may also be contaminated with pesticides. This is why it’s essential that you only buy prefilled cartridges from reputable brands that. We want to discourage buying Organic Smart Carts Cartridges until they can prove they are a reputable brand and their cannabis oil is clean (and this is not going to happen…) 

To keep you and your loved ones safe, read on for a closer look at these unlicensed products and how to protect yourself in the future. 

How to Spot a Fake

Many illicit cannabis brands, including Smart Cart, use sleek branding and clever packaging to lure potential buyers in. Lucky for you, there are some telltale signs that will instantly give away any fake. 

Proper Labeling

In order to be considered a legal cannabis product, each state has its own set of regulations that dictate what must be printed on the box, like lab results and THC concentrations. Similar to a price tag, legal brands will usually print a sticker that is stuck onto the finished product. 

On Smart Carts, much of their packaging has THC contents printed directly onto the box, which is rarely done in the legal industry. Lab tests are certain to vary with each batch, so packages or products will have stickers presenting their most current and up-to-date lab test information; it should never be printed directly onto the box. Continue Reading Below 

Legitimate Logos

At first glance, the Smart Cart logo looks very similar to the Smart Water label — or more like a direct rip-off. Most legitimate brands understand copyright law, and will always create their own unique logo. 

Oil Texture

A responsibly made THC concentrate should have the thickness of molasses or honey, while a phony product will often be runny and watery. 

That being said, illegal vape cart manufacturers will sometimes add thickening agents like vitamin E acetate to the oil, which may cause serious and dangerous side effects. Solely relying on the THC oil consistency is not always a sure thing but it is still an important distinction to understand. 

Purchase from a Legal Dispensary

Another way to prevent purchasing a phony vape cart is to make all of your purchases from a local licensed dispensary. Continue Reading Below 

If a dispensary is legitimately licensed, all of their products should be responsibly sourced and safe to consume. However, it may be a good idea to do your own research on any new product added to your cannabis regimen to ensure that you are making the best decision for you and your health. 

Smart Carts Vapes

Why Should I Care If My Carts Are Fake or Real?

Since unlicensed, black market vapes don’t undergo lab testing and aren’t regulated, you have no idea what’s in them. Given that there’s a vaping lung illness epidemic rampaging across the US — an illness that has hospitalized over 1,000 people and killed at least 23 — and that this illness is likely being caused by a contaminant that may only show up in black market carts, you should probably stick with the real stuff.

How do you know if you’re dealing with licensed, tested product? First, look for stickers either on the outside of the packaging or inside of it, on the product itself. The sticker should contain lab data as well as a black triangle with a weed leaf and an exclamation point inside of it. Somewhere outside of this triangle you should see the letters “CA.” This is the official, state-approved sticker for all legit and tested marijuana products in California.

Second, only buy from licensed dispensaries. If you live in California, there’s a master list of all licensed weed companies in the state. You can also cross-reference the business’s weed license at the Bureau of Cannabis Control

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