Royal Dwarf Cannabis Strain

The most well-known medicinal strain of cannabis bred by Cindy and her husband Eddy. Its THC level is moderate in comparison to other strains, but its effects are surprisingly powerful. This plant has a deserved reputation for providing users with extremely soothing effects. Because of its Ruderalis genetics, Royal Dwarf is a short plant, as the name implies. Despite having a modest THC content, this strain has surprisingly powerful effects. Buy Royal Dwarf Strain using Cannabis Affiliate Program.

Whatever the case may be, there is something to be said for taking a day off from stress in order to simply relax and unwind. For people who enjoy doing so with a high-quality marijuana on hand, there is no better method than Royal Dwarf.

The Royal Dwarf strain is powerful, and its soothing, sedative qualities allow you to just unwind and forget about your problems for a few hours.

Let’s have a look at this royal variety and figure out what makes it so magnificent.

What Is the Royal Dwarf Strain?

It’s a mix of an unknown ruderalis and Skunk #1. Royal Queen Seeds created Royal Dwarf, a strain that is the epitome of tiny yet powerful. This plant was designed with growers in mind by RQS. It is extremely compact, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Despite the fact that Royal Dwarf’s THC concentration is low by current standards, you should not be fooled into thinking it is safe.

Royal Dwarf’s THC concentration, on the other hand, is modest by contemporary standards. Users claim that this strain’s sativa effects hit them almost immediately. You might feel uplifted and joyful after taking in Royal Dwarf.

The indica effects begin to appear after a while. You could experience a tingly sensation throughout your body. After taking Royal Dwarf, many consumers claim to become aroused. The body buzz begins softly but can swiftly take hold of you. It’s best to ingest Royal Dwarf in the evening, as this will minimize couch-lock. If you overindulge on it, you may find yourself curled up on the sofa.


When you smell Royal Dwarf, it’s clear that the Skunk strain has infiltrated your garden. This strain combines skunk and earth with honey undertones.


The scent prepares the palette nicely for the taste. You won’t be disappointed if you anticipate a strong skunky flavor. Exhale and you may get a woody aftertaste with undertones of diesel.


The buds of the ‘Munchkin’ are tiny and lumpy, covered in white trichomes with subtle purple hues. It’s a short and sturdy grow that works for any space.

Royal Dwarf Strain Grow Info

Royal Dwarf is a strain created by Royal Queen Seeds, which you can buy online. Single seeds are offered by the breeder, but a 10-pack or a 25-pack may save you money. This plant is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth. Its ruderalis DNA makes it an autoflowering cultivar. This means that you can cultivate it all year long. Outside, the yield is about 3 ounces of useable cannabis per plant.

However, Royal Dwarf is best suited to indoor growers. Its goal is to grow up to three feet tall. This means you may grow a few of these plants in a closet! The bud structure of this strain is also tight, so you won’t have to worry about trimming and pruning as much.

Royal Dwarf is a particularly attractive option for impatient gardeners since it takes just 9-10 weeks to develop from seed to harvest. The flowering period is typically 7-8 weeks, but you may speed it up by utilizing a hydroponics system. When grown indoors, Royal Dwarf produces significantly more cannabis per square meter planted. It’s also possible to get the most out of each crop and it’s simple to grow.

THC Content

Typically, the amount of THC in hemp is about 15%.

CBD Content

Royal Dwarf has very little CBD, most likely less than 0.1 percent.

Medical Benefits of the Royal Dwarf Strain

Many individuals believe that Royal Dwarf gives them a euphoric high that makes them feel more sociable. As a result, you should think about it if you’re feeling nervous or sad. However, this strain also has a relaxing and soothing impact. If you intend to interact with others, use only a tiny amount of Royal Dwarf. Otherwise, your limbs and eyes might grow heavy while you’re out, forcing you to go home early.

In marijuana terms, Royal Dwarf is a medium-THC strain. However, Royal Dwarf’s impacts are more powerful than one might imagine. This plant may help those suffering from moderate chronic pain a lot. It’s occasionally used to relieve headaches, tight muscles, and general discomfort.

Possible Side Effects of the Royal Dwarf Strain

This strain is a fantastic mix of a low THC content but noticeable effects. In general, you should avoid the harmful side effects associated with extremely high-THC strains. Cottonmouth is one of the major negative side effects. The more Royal Dwarf you consume, the greater your dry mouth becomes.

The cerebral euphoria may be unexpected for new users. If you use a lot of this strain, the bodily buzz might become too powerful.

Final Thoughts

The Royal Dwarf strain’s ruderalis DNA ensures that it will never become unmanageable. As a result, it is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor gardens. It’s a fantastic choice for novices since it’s simple to maintain.

Royal Dwarf’s effects surprised some users, despite the fact that its THC concentration is only 15%.

Although the THC content is not high at 15%, Royal Dwarf’s effects surprise some users. It provides a pleasant sensation of euphoria that is followed by a powerful body high. It’s a wonderful choice for people who need a boost in spirits or want to unwind and be cheerful.

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