Rick Simpson Oil

The Rick Simpson Oil is a cannabis extract that has been used to treat cancer and other diseases for years. It contains high levels of THC, which is in marijuana. The article will explain how to make Rick Simpson Oil, the benefits of it, and what kind of equipment you need to get started with this process.
To make Rick Simpson Oil you will need the following: hemp, alcohol (preferably vodka), and cotton pads. To start with you want to clean your workspace well. This is important because it ensures that there are no bacteria or other microbes present in your oil which can be harmful for consumption. You then take a couple of handfuls of dry cannabis and place it into boiling water; this process should only take about 30 minutes before everything is fully boiled down to a green gooey paste-like substance. Once this has been done, pour some dried leaves out onto wax paper so they can cool and harden while also being stored indefinitely without any risk of them going bad over time due to their moisture content evaporating away. You will need to have access to a container that has been filled with a high-proof alcohol (preferably vodka) and is large enough so the plant material can be submerged in it. Take the dried cannabis leaves, place them on top of cotton pads, and put these into your jar with the alcohol. The only thing left now for you to do is wait about 24 hours before removing everything from the jar. This should give you Rick Simpson Oil for use within this period of time or up until its expiration date after that point.

Rick Simpson Oil

Some facts about RSO

Rick Simpson Oil’s treatment for cancer is a natural, harmless, and effective method that does not cause any side effects like chemotherapy or radiation therapy do.
Rick Simpson OIl has been curing people’s cancers without any negative side effects since 2003 when the first person was cured with it.
Dr. Christina Sanchez from the Madrid Cancer Institute in Spain at the conference Cannabis Cannabinoids as Therapeutics, 2015 where she said about RSO: “There are many studies showing its efficacy against different types of cancer cells.
The cannabis plant contains over 500 chemicals including 60+ cannabinoids which have various healing and anti-carcinogenic effects.
In the case of cancer, cannabinoids have been shown to attack cancer cells in several ways. Cannabinoids are usually what is called “synergistic” meaning they work together synergistically with other treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
When Rick Simpson discovered that cannabis oil could cure his skin cancer he immediately started sharing it with others who had cancers too and many were miraculously cured.
He has now come up with a straightforward way to make this life-saving medicine: by boiling large amounts of high-quality marijuana over an open flame until all the THC-rich resins collect on top or can be collected from the bottom later. The Rick Simpson Oil (or “RSO”) can then be extracted, filtered, and cooked down to become more potent.
RSO is usually taken in a way similar to how one might take other oils. Rick Simpson has made it very clear that the best dosage for him was about an ounce per day of RSO with each dose being divided into as many doses as needed during the course of the day.

How to use Rick Simpson Oil:

-Rick Simpson recommends people stop taking their painkillers such as opioids (e.g., morphine), benzodiazepines (e.g., Xanax, Valium), or SSRI antidepressants… and replace them with cannabis;
-It’s important not to use any oil lower than 99% THC because they do not work well at all;
-Marijuana has been shown to be effective for the treatment of cancer symptoms like nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, and depression from chemotherapy treatment – which are some of the most debilitating side effects that often lead patients without access to cannabis in places like Canada and the United States to suffer through their treatments;
-Rick Simpson Oil is believed to be a great way for people who are not comfortable smoking marijuana or vaporizing it.

  • Rick Simpson recommends that rso should never be heated up as doing so will cause THC degradation.
  • A little goes a long way! Just one drop of RSO on your tongue, under your tongue, rubbed into your gums (be careful about how much you take), or put onto/in food can have an amazing effect.
  • You may want to try using Rick Simpson oil externally too – just rub some RSO over the skin with caution.
Rick Simpson Oil

Benefits of Rick Simpson Oil:

  • Rick Simpson oil is a natural way to heal the brain. It can prevent and eliminate symptoms such as seizures, tremors, headaches, or nausea.
  • RSO helps with cancer treatment side effects like weight loss, hair loss, and nausea.
  • While it’s not an FDA-approved drug yet – rso has actually been shown in scientific studies to shrink tumors by killing cancer cells while leaving healthy ones untouched.
  • The most potent cannabis extracts are created using concentrated forms of THC that remain stable at room temperature for months on end. This is because cannabinoids have low solubility in water which makes them polar molecules that prefer fatty environments (like our cell membranes). When you apply Rick Simpson Oil to a cancer cell, the THC will actually travel through cells in our body and attach themselves to cannabinoid receptors on those cells.
  • The cannabinoids from rso get into these cancerous cells and tell them that they’ve been “wounded” or damaged by something else like radiation or toxins. When this happens, it signals the start of apoptosis (cell death) for the unhealthy cell.
  • Many people report treating their high blood pressure with rso.
  • Ingesting marijuana can help alleviate severe nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients – but many find solace in oils because ingesting cannabis often leads to an unpleasant experience due to stomach irritation.
  • Rick Simpson oil is nonpsychoactive .
  • Rick Simpson oil is nontoxic.
  • Many cancer patients, including those fighting the most aggressive forms of cancer and terminal cancers have been using Rick Simpson oil to heal themselves with impressive success.
  • Lower blood pressure levels in some individuals – especially high blood pressure sufferers who haven’t responded well to medication or had their hypertension managed successfully through other means.
  • Nonpsychoactive products that can be used during work hours without fear of “high” side effects like mental impairment or slowed reaction times.

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