Planting Cannabis: Sog vs Scrog

Cannabis growers are always looking for ways to increase production. Sog and scrog is a common technique used by many cannabis cultivators who want increased yields and bigger plants. Both techniques have their upsides, but which one will work best for you? Read on to find out more about the two marijuana cultivation methods!

What is sog and scrog cannabis?

Sog and scrog are two different ways of growing cannabis. Sog stands for “sea of green,” which means you have a whole bunch of small plants spaced closely together or even grown in rows (a greenhouse would be ideal). Scrog stands for “screen of green,” which means the grower uses an overhead light to produce just enough light to cover every leaf on a plant that is typically pruned down so it’s shorter than all the other plants around it.

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How to grow sog and scrog cannabis?

Planting Cannabis: Sog vs Scrog

The sog technique is used to grow a lot of plants at once. The scrog technique works best for growers who want just a few big buds, but are looking for increased yields and bigger plants.
How to grow SOG cannabis:

  • Use hydroponics or soil;
  • Make sure you’re getting the right nutrients in your water/soil;
  • Get some strong lights that cover every inch of space available (both CFLs and HIDs work);
  • Make sure there’s enough airflow so all those little leaves don’t suffocate each other!

How to grow SCROG cannabis:

  • Choose one plant with nice branches that will produce large colas – preferably indica dominant;
  • Place the plant in a “sea of green” (SOG) set up with other plants, or grow it by itself if you’re going for scrog;
  • Tie down the branches so they don’t touch each other and cover the buds. This will keep them from getting too big!

Tips: Sog works best for growers who want to produce lots of cannabis at once – like serious commercial growers. Scrog is great for people who want just a few large colas but more quantity overall, or anyone looking to try something new. Try your hand at both sog and scrog methods to see what suits you best!

What are the benefits of sog cannabis over scrog?

SOG offers strong support, increased airflow, and better light penetration. This means more air circulation within the canopy which helps prevent molds from developing. In addition, with less dense vegetation underneath, there will be significantly improved views of your crop’s upper third when viewed through an observation window.
SOG works very well with row lighting setups that have multiple PAR lamps per square foot (like LED or HPS). As long as each lamp has at least one hour of burn time left before being switched off, this kind of setup provides all the light needed to cover every square inch of the canopy.
The drawbacks are that sog takes up more vertical space, and doesn’t do well with high-intensity discharge lamps (HID) due to its leafy growth habit.

What are the benefits of scrog cannabis over sog?

ScrOG is better for growers who want a shorter grow cycle or need dense coverage in their outdoor garden because it can be easily manipulated into many shapes, including but not limited to triangles, squares, and circles. ScroG also works very well with HPS lighting setups which produce a lot of heat right above the plants’ tops when viewed from below through an observation window. The drawback here is that there will always be taller shoots growing inside the canopy that will need to be trimmed back.
The other major benefit of scrog cannabis is that it’s more energy efficient than sog because there are air vents in between each plant and all around the sides of a screen enclosure for improved CO₂ intake. This reduces how often plants have to receive water or nutrients individually as well as reducing heat absorption from HID lighting systems which also helps with cooling costs during grow cycles.
An additional upside is that this setup takes up less vertical space on your property while still producing yields similar in size to tall growing setups like sog using fewer plants per square foot – you might only use one hundred square feet of gardening area under screens instead of four thousand square feet without them!

Pros and cons of sog and scrog

Planting Cannabis: Sog vs Scrog

Pros: SOG: If you’re looking for a quick turnaround and are willing to sacrifice some bud weight because your yields will be higher than with any other method then going with the row option might just suit you best!
Scrog: This is perfect for those who want to get the most of their weed plants while still making sure that each and every plant gets the right amount of light it needs. Scrogging also helps with managing your precious space better so you can have more time growing instead of tending to your garden!
Cons: SOG: It’s not always easy, but if done correctly sog will be much quicker than scrog in terms of turnaround time – which a lot of people like because they don’t want to give up too many months before being able to harvest again (or maybe there are other reasons). However, this might not suit everyone as some growers find that smaller yields are less desirable overall and would rather have a bigger payoff for their efforts. If you’re just getting started, this is the way to go! It’s less of a commitment and requires much less time before the harvest comes around – but it also means that each plant will be smaller as well (which might not suit everyone).
Scrog: It can take quite some time until you get your first yield in scrog because there needs to be very little light going into the plants so they don’t grow too tall or wide which makes them difficult to reach from all sides unless you have an A-frame greenhouse with plenty of vertical space.

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