Moon Rocks Guide

Let’s get down to business. When we talk about lunar pebbles, we’re not referring to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s moon rocks. Rather, we’re talking about pricey but powerful marijuana nuggets that will undoubtedly send you into orbit and back. Users who use moon rocks on a regular basis claim that it’s one of the best methods to consume cannabis, so keep reading if you want to be amazed. If you’d like to buy the Time Wreck weed, use our toronto cannabis delivery to your home.

What Are Moon Rocks?

To create a home-made moon rock, marijuana buds should be soaked in hash oil (or sprayed with it) and then rolled in a knife. It’s a simple process that anybody can do, and it’s an excellent way to discover different cannabis types since the effects are almost indiscernible. Because experts believe that these tiny pellets have around 51% THC, it will be required. That’s more than twice the potency of many high-THC marijuana strains!

It’s possible that the first to produce these strong happiness bombs was a business called Starbudz60. On the other hand, West Coast rapper Kurupt has popularized Moon Rocks, and there is even a registered ‘Kurupt Moonrock.’

Dr. Zodiak is a renowned lunar scientist who specializes in moon rock creation. He was previously known as Dr. Zodiac and has collaborated with MF DOOM since the late 1990s. Fans of hip-hop are likely familiar with his past connection to Death Row Records, as well as his current collaboration with MF DOOM, according to Dr. Zodiak himself, all of the original moon rock stuff from that era have been renamed Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock.”

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous firms that sell low-quality items. Unethical vendors will use their cheapest nuggets and filthiest oil in order to make moon rocks. Each rock will have its own distinct flavor depending on the strains employed, as well as THC and terpene concentrations.

There are several trustworthy manufacturers of moon rocks, but it’s better to attempt making your own first, which we’ll show you how to do later.

Why Smoke Moon Rocks?

The moon is where you’ll find the majority of these gemstones, and they’re named for it. When you acquire a high-quality replica, you’ll feel as if you’ve boarded a spaceship heading for the moon and beyond. A moon rock hit has one of the most powerful drug experiences available when using marijuana.

Kief is a type of hash that has a strong, earthy flavor. Second, due to the presence of moon rocks, enormous clouds develop, giving each puff a distinct experience. Finally, the high is most likely unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Even the most potent marijuana strains can’t compare to what a moon rock session will provide. The high begins with a joyful cerebral head that spreads throughout your body.

After 30 minutes, you’ll be in Jim Morrison territory, but instead of creating lovely music, your thoughts will float away for what feels like an eternity. Moon rocks are the most popular choice among smokers, who wake up 12 hours later wondering what occurred.

How to Make Your Own Moon Rocks

Since the 1960s, moon rocks have been made of glassware. Many methods exist for producing cannabis moon rocks, but we’ll show you one that is both quick and simple. High-quality ingredients are essential to producing excellent marijuana moon rocks.

You may adjust the potency of moon rocks by using strong or little flowers, oil, and kief. Most individuals, on the other hand, desire a powerful high that lasts for hours.

As a result, we suggest using high-grade, freshly cured indoor flowers, bubble hash kief, and flower rosin. If you don’t want to use as much CBD or can’t get access to high-CBD strains or CBD isolates, try using kief instead. In addition to the three critical components, you’ll also need tongs, a knife, and a liquid dropper.

A Few Simple Steps to Help You Make Your Own Moon Rocks

Now, here’s a step-by-step guide to creating marijuana moon rocks.

  1. Choose a firm, fresh whole nug and make sure the kief is in a jar for the last procedure.
  2. A small bowl of water should be placed over the nug. The hash oil should then be spritzed over the nug. Dab a little concentrate on a knife, heat it up, and apply it to your skin if you’re using your favorite concentrate.
  3. Grab the hot nug with tongs, roll it in the kief until it’s completely coated, and then let it cool.
  4. Place a few buds in a ziplock bag, close it tightly, and smash them with your hands. Allow to sit as long as possible before smoking it.

This can be a helpful option if you can’t locate moon rocks for sale.

Easy Moon Rock Smoking Tips

The major disadvantage of this method to marijuana use is the high potency. If you don’t know how to smoke moon rocks, you’ll feel like you’ve been blasted out of a cannon. The effects may overpower you if you’re not prepared, and inexperienced users may be unable to attend work or other important activities as a result of the powerful high.

Make sure you’re well-hydrated and have eaten recently before you start. After a vigorous exercise, you may become severely dehydrated, and cottonmouth is quite likely. We recommend having several liters of water on hand in case you want to drink slowly while smoking. If you don’t, when the high wears off, you’ll be sorry!

Moon rocks should be placed in a remote location where you won’t be disturbed.

If you become comatose as a result of the experience, don’t be alarmed! Stay where you are and keep your composure. To relax, have a good time, and learn your lesson, take a few deep breaths!

How to Smoke Moon Rocks

The first and most essential guideline when smoking moon rocks is to never, ever use a grinder. You must not be lured into thinking of moon rocks as blooms. If you put your stones through a grinder, they’ll become extremely sticky and will prevent you from turning them.

The conclusion is that you can’t save every bit of kief and oil from the buds; what a waste! If possible, break up the moon rock into smaller pieces by hand before smoking.

If you’d want to use moon rocks in a joint, sprinkle them on top for an out-of-this-world high. Most people can simply add some to their flower and wrap it up. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to experiment with different marijuana strains. Combining Jack Herer kief with Bubba Kush hash and Diesel flower is a popular combination.

When you’re ready to dig into your moonrock bud, take a break. Have you finished all of your activities for the day? If not, do them first before going on your journey to the moon. You’ve never experienced it if we aren’t being hyperbolic with the moonrock high! Some people believe their creative side will come out while others discover that simply moving from one room to the next is difficult during the high.

Using a Glass Bong or Desktop Vaporizer with Moon Rocks

Smoking moon rocks, on the other hand, is a long way from smoking regular flower. To get the most out of it, you’ll need a glass bong, pipe, or even a desktop vaporizer. You must break down the moon rocks with your fingertips. Keep your grip loose; if you squeeze too hard, some of the precious combination will melt in the heat between your fingers and be lost!

When loading moon rock into a bong, use some standard marijuana as a base to assist it burn more evenly. Keep in mind that moon rocks take longer to heat because the wax must be melted and the flower burned before the heat can reach them. As a result, put some cannabis ahead of time and then fill the moon rock with it.

Most people avoid ripping the rock because it will burn unevenly as a result of the delayed heating reaction. Instead, it is recommended to enjoy it over a extended, slow, and continuous draw.

This method is used to melt the first layer of kief and wax, allowing you access to the nug, which burns in a standard manner.

A desktop vaporizer is better for smoking moon rocks since it is more powerful than its portable counterpart and can handle both flower and oil at the same time. If your vaporizer isn’t capable of doing so, don’t try to smoke moon rocks in it. While your device may have separate attachments for flower and concentrates, utilizing moon rocks might result in damage.

Final Conclusion

“Caviar gold” is a term for the genuine marijuana experience, as moon rocks are also costly. Moon rocks aren’t just any type of cannabis. Instead, they’re a combination of marijuana components bound together to provide you with the most euphoric high possible.

Why not start with Girl Scout Cookies and soak it in high-grade hash oil for a week before applying a layer of the finest kief available?

Although marijuana-laced moon rocks are legal in states where cannabis is authorized for sale, the cost can range from $1,400 to $2,000 per ounce! An eighth costs around $200, but it’ll take far less of it to get high than regular marijuana. It’s not difficult to do it yourself; all you have to do is combine the three essential components of marijuana and follow the directions above.

Moon rocks may also be smoked by combining them with edibles, although most users prefer the superior smoking experience. You’ll need glassware to smoke moon rocks; we don’t recommend doing this unless you’re a cannabis newbie. It’s time to smoke your moon rocks when it’s quiet somewhere peaceful and take in a real lunar adventure!

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