Marijuana Infused Ice Cream

It’s simple, fast, and as effective as it gets to break up a perfect bud, spark it, and exhale a cloud into the heavens. Edibles, on the other hand, provide a distinct vibe and experience when it comes to getting high. There’s the wait for it to take effect (usually an hour or more), then several hours of giggling and a permanent grin.

Edibles are a great option for people wanting to quit smoking cigarettes, or who just want to use cannabis in a discrete manner without stinking up the room. Additionally, there may be restrictions on the sale of edibles in states where cannabis is legal under certain circumstances, so making your own might be your best bet.

Follow these instructions to make your own cannabis-infused ice cream! This ice cream, which is minty fresh with a touch of vanilla, isn’t only delicious; it’s also very cool. If you’re looking for something sweet and cold, this marijuana-infused ice cream will delight you.

What do I need to create marijuana infused ice cream?

This ice cream is a simple and quick process that requires just a few ingredients. Only cannabis butter, whipped cream, mint, vanilla and condensed milk are required! A couple of big bowls and a freezer-friendly container will be necessary. For mixing, keep some utensils on hand!

How long will this recipe take to make?

Cannabutter’s cost depends on the type of cannabis used, the quantity used, and whether it’s high-quality or low-quality butter. The most expensive form of Cannabutter is made from high-quality butter with more THC, which costs around $60 per pound. Beginning cannabis cooks searching for a cheaper option may make their own ice cream for as little as 15 minutes. If you have some already Cannabis-infused butter on hand, this dish will take even less time to prepare than an ordinary ice cream recipe.

What will pair well with weed infused ice cream?

You can stuff your marijuana ice cream with sauces and delicious toppings, which is insanely exciting. Add weed brownie chunks to the mix, or edible gummy bears as a topping, for example. To make a weed-infused banana split, add a banana and dress it up!

Furthermore, ice cream is a thick topping for any cake. This ice cream may be eaten on its own or combined with a weed-infused wedding cake, CBD brownie, or cannabis pie for an even more flavorful treat.

Have you ever tried a cannabis-infused float? For an extra strong punched pop, add this frozen cream to your favorite soda. You may also use this marijuana-infused ice cream to make a delicious dark beer. Dark ales are particularly suited to ice cream because of their malty caramel tastes.



  • 5g hash or 10g finely ground bud
  • 500ml heavy cream (or vegan equivalent)
  • Pinch of salt
  • 400g banana
  • 75g sugar or alternative sweetener
  • 3 tbsp. rum
  • 2 tbsp. butter (or vegan equivalent)
  • 5 tbsp. honey (or vegan equivalent)


For decarboxylation:

  • Large sheet pan
  • Parchment paper
  • Spatula or stirring device

For ice cream:

  • Two large saucepans
  • Whisk
  • Large bowl
  • Freezer storage container with lid


Before we get into the ice cream instructions, we need to address one crucial issue: decarboxylation. Don’t worry; this isn’t going to be a long-winded scientific explanation (ice cream is after all about enjoyment!).

Decarbing is the process of converting cannabinoid acids into activated cannabinoids by heating marijuana to a high enough temperature. Simply heating edibles until they’re decarboxylated is all it takes to decarb them. You won’t get high if you don’t decarb your plants first. Decarbing edibles requires some preliminary work because it’s done with a flame or heat source related to smoking or vaping.

A lot of people choose to remove their chimney on a regular basis for a variety of reasons. For example, you may need to clear your fireplace so that it is clean and ready for the new season.

  1. Preheat your oven to 105–110°C. 
  2. Put the cannabis in a food processor or blender and chop it into little pieces. Place it on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and bake for 30–45 minutes.
  3. When your marijuana is golden brown, it’s time to smoke some! Stir it a few times while decarbing to heat everything evenly.
  4. Allow it to cool slightly before handling it so you can work with it, then infuse away!

Place your cannabis in vacuum-sealed plastic bags and simply simmer them in a pot or pressure cooker for an hour, as another decarboxylation approach. Then carefully remove the bag with the buds, and there you have it: decarboxylated marijuana that hasn’t turned brown.


OK, now that you’ve got everything together and ready, let’s get into it!

  1. In a medium saucepan, combine the milk and cream and warm over low heat until completely mixed.
  2. In a second saucepan, melt the butter, sugar, and salt over medium heat.
  3. Take your ground, decarboxylated weed and stir it into the saucepan with the butter, sugar, and salt, making sure to evenly distribute the weed.
  4. Whisk the warm cream into the butter mixture.
  5. Mash up the banana in a large bowl.
  6. Once mashed into a paste, add the cream mixture, rum, honey, and any other ingredient you want into the bowl.
  7. Mix everything together until the entire mixture has a paste-like consistency.
  8. Place the mixture in the freezer for a few hours, until it begins to have a mushy consistency.
  9. Take the bowl and pour the mixture into a suitable freezer container.
  10. Whisk once again until the mixture is smooth.
  11. Place a lid on the container and keep in the freezer until it is firm.

And that’s all there is to the creation of cannabis ice cream. Sound easy? That’s because it is! But if you’re stuck wondering which strain to infuse into your ice cream, have no fear! We’ve got a few suggestions up our sleeves. Read on to find out more.


It’s also true that if you want to use a certain strain in your ice cream, that’s fine! If, on the other hand, you’re searching for suggestions for making the most out of your ice cream by giving it the maximum flavor and buzz, keep these strains in mind.


There should be little doubt why we chose this strain. Choco Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet flavor that goes great with any ice cream. Chocolate flavors are timeless classics in the world of ice cream, and cannabis strains for that reason. Choco Haze delivers a powerful yet smooth and relaxing cerebral high that won’t give you an ice cream headache!


Gelato is a strong-smelling strain with rich, complex, and textured tastes. In a good way! Lemon, mint, and vanilla will tempt your taste buds with delicious hints. This strain seems to be screaming for inclusion in some form of edible food. Don’t put it off any longer; add some Gelato to your cannabis ice cream right now!


As the name implies, you can anticipate a flavour powerhouse with bananas and strawberries accompanied by a pure and pleasant fragrance. Combine that with a soothing and long-lasting high, and we’re sure you’ll agree; Strawberry Banana is the ideal sweet accent for any cannabis ice cream recipe! Strawberry Banana is simply waiting to be used in delicious edibles.


After you’ve made your delectable ice cream, you’ll want to be extra cautious in keeping it. Obviously, as this is ice cream, the best option is to immediately put it in the freezer. As a general guideline for any home-cooked meals, write the date you prepared them on the container. Because dairy is used in this recipe, it will eventually go rancid or become very icy after time.

If you have any doubt about whether or not to eat the ice cream, just sniff it. However, with adequate care, you could get at least 2–3 months out of your cannabis ice cream. But who are we kidding? It will be gone before then. Like this delicious and novel edible that you may make again and again, it won’t stick around for long!



  • 1½ quart ice cream freezer container
  • large saucepan
  • fine strainer
  • large bowl
  • 2 cups CannaMilk
  • 1 cup half-and-half
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 tablespoon corn starch
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon mint extract
  • 2 drops green food coloring (optional)
  • 1 cup dark chocolate, broken into pieces


  1. CannaMilk, half-and-half, ½ cup sugar, cornstarch, and salt are combined in a large saucepan and stirred together thoroughly. Cook over medium heat while stirring constantly for 10 minutes, or until the mixture starts to thicken. Remove from the heat.
  2. In a saucepan over medium heat, cook the coconut milk for about 3 minutes, or until thickened. Remove from heat and set aside to thicken for 5 minutes. Whisk the egg yolks in a separate bowl while gradually adding 1 cup of the hot canna-cream from the saucepan. Return the heated canna-cream and yolk mixture to the pan while whisking constantly.
  3. Heat everything for an additional 2 minutes; stir constantly.
  4. Pour the canna-cream mixture through a fine strainer and into a large bowl. Discard any solids.
  5. To 1 pound cream, add the ice cubes and 4 tablespoons of honey. Cover with plastic wrap and chill for 1 hour. After 1 hour, cover with plastic wrap again. Chill for another 12 to 24 hours
  6. In a mixing bowl, combine the blue color and mint extract. Pour half of the cold cream mixture into an ice cream freezer container with a capacity of 1½ quarts. Add the vanilla extract, peppermint extract, and food coloring to the remaining half of the cold cream mixture. Freeze the container in its entirety.
  7. Remove container from the freezer and stir in the dark chocolate pieces after three hours (before it has frozen completely). Return the container to the freezer for another six hours, or until ice cream is firm.
  8. Let stand at room temperature for 5 minutes before scooping and serving.

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