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Hemp helps indica delivery fight against overweight

indica deliveryStudies have shown that cannabis users are less likely to be overweight. Scientists are trying to identify the factors that explain this phenomenon.

On the day when legalization of cannabis became a reality, the media space in Canada was filled with jokes about guys high sweeping Doritos chips in grocery stores. And behind these jokes, the jokes about the hemp lovers who have been punched through the ranks, there was a curious information that went unnoticed: using marijuana, in spite of everything, helps to keep the weight normal and avoid obesity.

The link between body weight and cannabis use has only begun to emerge in the last decade. The first one concerned alcohol and related conditions. A total of 4,3093 respondents were interviewed, and it was found that among marijuana users, the percentage of obese people was 16.1 per cent, compared with 25.3 per cent among those who did not consume it.

The second survey, on co-morbidities, covered 9,283 people and showed similar results: 17.2 per cent overweight among consumers and 25.3 per cent non-users. Similar results were obtained in Australia, with a survey of 2566 young people aged 21 years. Interestingly, the more intense the cannabis use (e.g. several times a week), the more marked the difference.

indica deliveryFortunately, one could say that such an experiment exists. Between 1996 and 2014, 21 states legalized medical marijuana. Joseph Sabia, professor of economics at San Diego State University, and his team of economists and statisticians took data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, an annual survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They analyzed the data to see how overweight, drunkenness and physical activity rates changed in each state over time as cannabis became legalized. Overall, they found that the likelihood of obesity had decreased by 2-6 percent in states that had enacted medical marijuana laws.

The doctor's analysis provided a couple of possible explanations for the weight loss situation in the states that had legalized medical marijuana. Young people started drinking less. They may have replaced hemp beer, which is known to be caloric-free. Middle-aged people became more inclined to exercise. Cannabis may have relieved them of chronic pain that limited their mobility.

None of these assumptions provide an answer to the question of whether the use of marijuana can contribute to weight normalization without taking into account concomitant lifestyle changes. To get an answer, placebo studies and control groups will be required, but hemp contains hundreds of active substances, of which at least 61 are unique and contained only in this plant. The best known are THC and OBD, but of these, only OBD has been studied. Diabetics have been tested, but even at high dosages, no weight loss has been observed