How to Smoke Kief

Kief is composed of trichomes from cannabis flowers that may be collected and used in a variety of ways. The cannabinoids and terpenes created by the cannabis plant are found in trichomes. Because kief is almost entirely made up of pure trichomes, it’s a very concentrated and potent marijuana product.

Kief is generally gathered in one of two ways. The less frequent technique is to use a series of filters and screens to separate out the kief from the rest of the plant material. The cannabis grinder with a kief collector is the more common method.

Collecting kief with screens and filters

Kief is extracted from cannabis leaves with a series of filters and screens, which requires considerably more plant material than collecting it in your grinder. It’s generally utilized to create homemade concentrates, particularly bubble hash. A set of bubble bags and ice will help you the most with this approach.

To make a bubble bag, start by layering your bubble bags one inside the other, with the largest-gauge filter being the innermost bag and the smallest-gauge filter being the outermost. Fill your bags with cannabis plant material and ice and agitation will help to freeze the trichomes.

All of the trichomes should fall to the bottom when you strain the bag of cannabis and ice. Remove the filter bag (the one with the largest holes in it). Plant material will cover the lower part, as well as the finest particles. Any remaining plant materials should be thrown away, any significant particles from the bottom of the bag scraped off, and kept in a designated area.

Start by adding a cup of water to the bottom of each bag. Allow it to soak for 10 minutes, then drain and refill with kief-filled water (1 quart water per 1 pound fresh). Now repeat this procedure with each bag. As you go, you’ll gather increasingly fine particles of plant material and kief until you reach the final bag, which will contain the finest filter. You’ll be collecting the purest, most potent kief when you let it dry.

Collecting kief with your grinder

A multi-chamber weed grinder with a filter screen is the most frequent way to collect kief. This procedure is quite easy. As you grind your marijuana, bits of plant material fall from the grinding chamber into a collection chamber on the floor. The wire mesh screen in this collection chamber allows finer kief particles to slip through and end up in a separate kief collector. After mashing enough marijuana, you’ll be able to scrape out and smoke all of the kief that accumulates in the grinder.

Why people like kief

Kief is popular because it’s potent and readily available. Kief, in its most basic form, is a simple method for making concentrates at home by collecting trichomes that have fallen off of the marijuana you’re already smoking. Kief is also quite flexible. If you save enough of it, you may either smoke or press it into a concentrate like hash. You can also simply add kief to a bowl, joint, or any other type of cannabis use to give your session a significant boost of THC.

Why people don’t like kief

Many users do not utilize kief frequently because it might take a long time for enough to accumulate in their grinder to make full use of it. Furthermore, now that cannabis concentrates are more accessible and of excellent quality, many concentrate enthusiasts prefer purchasing concentrates from a dispensary rather than gathering kief themselves. They also get a superior product this way.

Step-by-step directions

Most people who smoke kief do so using a grinder, rather than gathering a lot of plant material and passing it through bubble bags. For the grinder approach, you’ll need the following equipment:

  • Cannabis flower.
  • Multi-chamber grinder with kief collector.
  • Whatever you prefer for smoking weed (spoon pipe, bong, joint, spliff, blunt, etc.).

Step 1: Grind your weed

After you’ve acquired a multi-chamber weed grinder with a built-in kief collector, it’s time to start gathering your stash of kief. As usual, grate your cannabis and then check the kief collector after the grinding is finished. It’s now time to harvest and smoke the crop since you have enough for usage

Step 2: Collect kief from your grinder

Put your grinder in the freezer for a few hours before doing anything else. This will make the remaining kief brittle and easy to scrape away from the grinder.

Remove the freezer and unscrew the lid from the kief collector. Gather the kief with a tiny scraping tool—most grinders come with one—into a little pile. Now, carefully avoiding spillage, tip the grinder over and pour the kief into a tiny, clean storage container.

Now that you’ve collected the bulk of your kief, it’s time to go after the remaining stuff that’s a little tougher to remove from the grinder. Try using a paintbrush, toothbrush, or a tiny pipe cleaner to scrape or brush all surfaces of the grinder, including the bottom and edges of the kief collector, the filter screen, the main chamber of the grinder, and all grinding teeth. Add any kief you gather in this step to your storage container.

Step 3: Add kief to your regular smoking preference

The procedure for smoking kief is simple. Simply add it to whatever you use to smoke marijuana. The following are some of the most popular methods for smoking kief:

  • If you smoke a spoon pipe or bong, add kief to the flower inside the bowl. You can do this in layers—flower, kief, flower, kief—or you can simply pack the bowl with flower and sprinkle a layer of kief over the top of it.
  • If you like to smoke joints, spliffs, or blunts, add a layer of kief to your flower before rolling it up. This will make your smoke much more powerful and effective.

One more option: DIY moon rocks

You can produce your own moon rocks if you’re ambitious and searching for a cannabis experience. To do so, you’ll need a nug of your favorite strain, hash oil or another concentrate that’s been warmed to the degree of being malleable and sticky, as well as kief.

Cover the nug in a layer of kief and finish it off with a coat of concentrate. Make sure you apply the kief while the concentrate is still wet to ensure that it adheres. When your moonrock has cooled and hardened, break it into smaller pieces, being careful not to remove the outer layer of kief, and smoke it just as you would any other herb. Moonrocks are well-known for their strength; therefore, prepare yourself for a powerful high.

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