How To Make Your Homemade Bong

Everyone has experienced it—you want to smoke weed, but don’t have papers, a bong, or pipe. Don’t fret. All you need is a handful of ordinary household items and a pinch of creativity.

Before we show you how to create your own bong out of household items, we must warn you: this is definitely not the healthiest way to consume cannabis. This bong, and likely a few of its individual components, will be made out of plastic. It’s never recommended to smoke out of plastic, as the heat from the smoke and the flame of the lighter may cause some of the plastic’s chemicals to leach into your system.

How To Make a Fruit Bong?

Fruit is nature’s candy, but it can also make a fabulous bong. Select a fruit (or gourd) that is big enough to carve out a water chamber. Pineapples, pumpkins and watermelon work great.

  1. First, carve the top off your fruit. For pineapples, take the spiky green leaves off by slicing the first quarter inch off the rind with a sturdy knife.
  2. Next, scoop out the fruity innards. You might use a pineapple coring tool or your knife.
  3. Once the bulk of the fruit has been removed, you should have a hollow shell that will hold water and stand upright. Poke a hole about two or three inches from the bottom of the pineapple. This is for the downstem.
  4. If you have a bowl with downstem feel free to use it. If not, you can craft one using an empty pen or highlighter and tin foil.
  5. Finally, fill your fruity vessel with enough water to cover the downstem but not spill over. Pack a fat bowl and place in the hole. Use the top of the fruit as a sweet mouthpiece and get ripped! You can add a carb hole further up the fruit or just pull the bowl to get your hit.
How To Make Your Homemade Bong

How To Make A Soda Bottle Bong?

Soda bottle bongs are the classic way to craft a homemade water pipe. This style of bong works best with 16oz bottles of water or soda. Be sure to completely rinse out any bottle before you use it.

  1. Step one, remove the cap of your soda bottle. You can also remove the label if you desire. This type of bong works with or without water. If using water, fill about a quarter to a half full.
  2. Next, add a mouthpiece hole about 2 inches from the top of the bottle, around where the label ends. Use a needle or a pin. You don’t want a hole that is too large, but you’ll want to work the hole with your poker so that it is larger than a pin prick. Then, use an object like scissors to make it slightly larger.
  3. Next, fashion a bowl with a square of tin foil. Place the square flat on the top and poke your finger into the foil through the opening to form a small dip for a bowl. Use the pin to gently poke a few small holes into the bottom of the bowl.
  4. Finally, add the delicious herb of your choice to the bowl. Light the bowl and use the mouthpiece to inhale. 
How To Make Your Homemade Bong

The Gravity Bong

The Gravity Bong is a cool, scientific-looking method for making a homemade weed bong and it also requires just a few simple things you can find at home:

  • a plastic bottle; 
  • a needle or a toothpick;
  • some aluminum foil;
  • any kind of container, as long as it’s bigger than the bottle.

Building a Gravity Bong

To start with, take the bottle, toss the cap, and cover the mouthpiece with the foil in order to make the bong’s bowl. Now with the needle or any thin stick, poke small holes into the bowl so that the smoke can travel through and into the bottle. 

How To Make Your Homemade Bong

Then, take the bigger container, fill it up with water and sink your half bottle with the foil inside, with the aluminum bowl looking up, of course. Pack up your bowl and light it up as you slowly lift up the bottle of your gravity bong, making sure you don’t pull it out completely as it gathers the smoke inside. 

Keeping the bottle at the same level, carefully take off the aluminum foil and absorb the smoke gathered inside as you push the bottle down. If you can’t smoke it all in one hit just cover the mouthpiece with your hand until you’re ready to take another one. 

Extra Tip: If you want to make your homemade gravity bong look more professional, take the bottle’s cap and make a hole in the center. Then, cover it with foil and pressing softly in the center make the bowl shape through the cap’s hole. Add the small holes with a needle and then put the cap back on the bottle.

Now when you light up your buds, instead of taking off the foil you can unscrew your cap.

4. The Tic Tac Bong

So you’re at home at 3 am, you ran out of rolling papers, you’re googling for any smoking devices alternatives you can make at home but you’re so unlucky you don’t even have any plastic bottles at home. There’s no need to panic, turns out a small recipient like a Tic Tac box can be your best ally. Or you can even go big and use a Pringles empty box. 

Building a Tic Tac Bong

It’s easy: take the empty Tic Tac box and with a couple of scissors drill a small hole near the bottom, where you’ll stick the downstem in. If you don’t know how to build a downstem, you can follow the same instructions from the Bottle Bong method. 

How To Make Your Homemade Bong

Now, make another small hole closer to the upper edge of the box, which will work as the carburetor. 

Finally, fill the small bong with water, it should be enough to cover the stem’s edge, and using the already existent hole in the Tic Tac box as the tube, inhale as you light up.

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