How to Make Spliff: The Complete Guide

Spliff is a type of cigarette that is smoked in many parts of the world. The word spliff comes from the Dutch word “splijten”, which means to split or tear. Spliffs are usually made by putting marijuana inside one end of a rolled tobacco cigarette and lighting it on fire at both ends so that there is a small flame burning on either side. In this blog post, we will explore how to make spliff as well as its history and how different cultures have used them throughout time!

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  • Rolling Papers with Filter;
  • Tobacco Cigarette, Half-Finished (optional);
  • A pinch of weed or marijuana, Magic Smoke PINK LEMONADE or take your favorite weed. You can also use hashish as well if you’re looking for a stronger high. The amount of cannabis you want to use depends on how strong it is and your preference; this guide will show the most common way people make spliffs which are using tobacco cigarettes half-finished since they are easier to work with than rolling papers.

A few things to note: cannabis must be finely ground so that it’s possible to fill in inside the cigarette paper before being lit up on fire at both ends while still leaving room for airflow from one end and out through the other side’s pipe hole/tip opening.

There are two different ways to roll up the spliff. One way is by gently stuffing the cannabis in between the cigarette paper and then rolling it back over itself, this method will leave a small visible space at one end of your joint but means that you can smoke from both ends like with regular cigarettes. The other way is just as easy which would be pressing down more on top of the tobacco cigarette so that there’s not much left exposed or open for airflow, however, because most people prefer being able to suck out some smoke through their mouth when having a hit off the tip they’ll usually use what we call “the filterless” method.

How to Make Spliff: The Complete Guide


  • To start with, you’ll need some paper and a rolling machine. If you’re using the “filterless” method then it’s not necessary to use any filters but if you want your joint to be less harsh on your throat or lungs then we recommend that you do so anyway. The most important thing is that before starting to roll up spliffs, make sure all of your tools are laid out nicely in front of you just how they should be because once things get going there won’t be time for much more than quick maneuvering around everything!
  • Next would come filling up each end with either tobacco or cannabis respectively (depending on which type of spliff). Again, this may seem like an obvious step but it’s easy to forget and the consequences are not something you want.
  • Finally, put your thumbs on either side of where the paper is folded into a “joint” shape. Now push both ends together so that they meet in the middle and squeeze everything tightly until it appears as one unit. This will be easier if you use another finger or two but just make sure that all four fingers stay inside of each edge. You’ll know when it’s time to stop because there won’t be any space left between edges anymore!

Rolling the Spliff

  • It’s time to roll the spliff. The first thing you’ll need is cigarette paper and then, of course, tobacco or cannabis (depending on which type of joint you are rolling). You can find both at your local convenience store.
  • First off: if I have not yet said this before, make sure that everything you will be using is fully dry. This includes the substance in question as well as whatever else it might touch during this process; If there is any moisture involved while performing these steps–things may go wrong–so just take care of that now!
  • Layout your cigarette paper flat with one end hanging off over an edge so that about two inches from its center hangs over the other side.
  • Next, bring the edges of this paper up near each other and fold them over. This should be done so that the bottom flap is as long (or slightly longer) than the top one.
  • Take your substance either tobacco or cannabis and place it on a surface in between you and where you will be rolling from. Now sprinkle some onto both sides of the cigarette paper evenly until there’s enough for what we need! Make sure not to go overboard with how much weed/tobacco goes into these joints since they can become too heavy quickly. They are supposed to stay small after all! Fold-down one side towards yourself while being careful not to let any spill out. The same applies to folding the other side over in the opposite direction. Do your best to make a clean and even line before you roll it up!
  • Now, start rolling from one end of the joint towards the other. Try not to worry too much about how well it’s coming out. It will get better with practice! Rolling cannabis joints might take some time for people who are new at this especially if they’re trying to learn on their own without any guidance or instructions but once someone has developed skill in making them then they can be done very quickly indeed so don’t feel discouraged just because things aren’t going perfectly right away!

What to do with Leftover Marijuana Buds and Trimmings

How to Make Spliff: The Complete Guide

You want to save your leftover marijuana buds and trimmings? Here are some suggestions:

  • Make cannabutter to make cannabis edibles. To do this, first, get out your butter or margarine and unsalted cooking oil; combine these two ingredients over medium heat until all the melting has happened; then add finely diced leaves (or ground up bud). When it’s mixed thoroughly, take off the stovetop and allow it cool. Strain using cheesecloth before storing inside an airtight container at room temperature–you’ll need about four ounces of weed per cup of butter. If you don’t have any butter on hand or prefer not to use it in the recipe, you can use virgin coconut oil or other oils as well;
  • Use it to make cannabis tinctures. To do this, first, get out your alcohol–either 190 proof Everclear or high-grade vodka will work fine for the job. Place a pint jar in a pot of boiling water and then add diced leaves until it’s about two inches from the top of the jar. Now take off the stovetop and let it sit overnight before straining with cheesecloth;
  • Make Cannacreme: all you have to do is mix one egg white and two tablespoons of sugar until they’re light and fluffy (add more if needed). Whisk or beat them well then slowly add about half a cup of coconut oil while continuing to whisking constantly. Next, pour your mixture into an ice cream maker container–just be sure not to fill up past the “max” line on the bucket because adding any extra liquid will cause your cannacreme to go all soupy when it freezes;
  • Make cannabis tea: this is a simple process that only involves boiling water and adding cannabis to it.
  • Make cannacoffee: grind your favorite coffee beans in the same way you would for regular iced coffee, but don’t brew them yet.

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