How to Make a Sploof

What is a sploof or smoke buddy?

Regardless of whether weed is legal where you live, we still have to contend with roommates, parents, and neighbours, some of whom might take issue with the conspicuous scent of smoking cannabis.

So, strike a compromise: Continue smoking but take actions to minimize the risk they’ll smell it in the first place.

We all know about the trick of stuffing a towel under the crack of your closed door. But there’s something else that helps that you need to look into: a sploof.

These are handheld devices that typically contain carbon filters. You blow through one end, and out the other comes a whisper of the smoke you exhaled into it. They’re never 100% effective but using a sploof should be the difference between having happy roommates and getting an eviction notice.

A Sploof Can Help Remove the Scent of Marijuana

A sploof is a device that can hide the aroma of cannabis when you are smoking it. You can make it yourself, using household items. Alternatively, you can purchase a device such as Sploofy to get rid of the cannabis scent.

A sploof acts as a filter. It is a tube that is filled with items that eliminate and absorb the smell of smoke. After you use a bong or joint, exhale into the sploof. It will filter the smoke to stop the smell from filling up a room or flowing into your neighbor’s window.

The sploofs you can buy tend to have several filtering layers. In contrast, a DIY version tends to have a single filter. When the smoke passes through a filter, its particles begin to disappear and separate. If you use a sploof, pay attention to what comes out at the other end. It shouldn’t look anything like the smoke normally produced.

This smoke also doesn’t have a pungent smell because the particles holding the stench aren’t sticking together anymore. Therefore, the scent is significantly weaker.

If you don’t want to spend money on a branded device, let’s focus on creating your own.

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How to Make a Sploof

Method 1: The Dryer Sheet Sploof

Step #1: Assemble Your Materials

How to Make a Sploof

First, you will need to gather the different materials for your DIY smoke filter. Many of these materials may already be in your home, while some may require a trip to a convenience store.

First, get a plastic bottle, or a used paper towel or a toilet paper roll. You will need lots of scented dryer sheets, so get these ready too.

Find something to use to bind the ends of the plastic bottle or toilet paper roll. This can be string, tape, or rubber bands. Finally, you will need a knife or scissors to do some cutting during the process.

Step #2: Get the Tube Ready

The details of this step will entirely depend on whether you selected a plastic bottle or any of the other suggested products (toilet paper roll or paper towel roll).

If you elected to use a plastic bottle, use your knife or pair of scissors to cut off the top of the bottle, so it has a wide opening at the top. Next, use your knife or scissors to slice some holes into the bottom.

Make sure the holes are neither too small nor too wide. It is best to start with small holes, then widen them slightly if you test-run your gadget and find that the airflow isn’t as it should be.

If you selected a toilet paper roll, then this stage simply entails removing any leftover bits of toilet paper on the cardboard core. If you picked a paper towel roll, then you don’t have anything to do during this stage. As a side note, a paper towel roll is a better tube to use because it is bigger and longer. This provides more surface to stuff those scented dryer sheets – deodorizing the weed more completely.

Step #3: Pack the Tube with Dryer Paper

This is perhaps the most important step when learning how to make a sploof. Stuff a single sheet of dryer paper at a time into your tube. Pack the dry sheets loosely, but effectively so that there aren’t any large gaps inside.

The purpose of using scented dryer sheets is to take the sting out of the weed smell, so you want the smoke to go through as many of these scented sheets as possible.

If for some reason, you were unable to get scented dryer sheets, you’re not out of luck!  You can use the unscented ones and simply spray them with any air freshener that you have at home. Pack each sheet into the tube immediately after spraying it with the air freshener.

Step #4: Add Some Unscented Dryer Sheets

As you pack the scented dryer sheets, be sure to leave some room for unscented sheets, or some toilet paper if you sprayed the dryer sheets with air freshener. These unscented sheets will safeguard your nose from being hit by the detergent smell of the air freshener the first sheets were doused in. Pack those unscented sheets loosely as well, so the weed smoke can make its way through them.

Step #5: Cover the Top

Now we come to what is pretty much the final step of how to make a sploof. All that’s left to do is take one scented dryer sheet, fold it in half, then place it on the opening of the tube or toilet paper roll.

Secure this sheet on the tube or toilet paper roll using the rubber band or string. Your sploof is now ready to use, but if you want to make it a little more artistic, proceed to the next steps.

Step #6: Trim the Top

To make your sploof more visually appealing, take the pair of scissors and trim off the excess dryer sheet material hanging below the top of the tube. Be careful while cutting the dryer sheets so that you don’t cut off more than necessary.

Step #7: Customize the Sploof

If smoking a joint (or any other smokable form of marijuana) gives your mind some creative flair, use that opportunity to stamp your personal touch on the exterior of the sploof.

You can use spray paint, a marker, or any other items that catch your fancy to decorate the tube. Enjoy your handiwork as you take puffs and exhale into the sploof!

Method 2: Using Activated Charcoal

How to Make a Sploof

If you want a sploof that is more efficient at getting rid of the weed smell, then you may need to learn how to make an activated charcoal sploof.

Activated carbon is porous, and even a tiny piece (which can fit in the palm of your hand) can have a surface area of thousands of square inches! Follow the steps below to learn how to make a sploof using activated charcoal.

Step #1: Assemble Your Supplies

Since this sploof will perform better than the cardboard and dryer sheet model, it might be worthwhile for you to make a trip to the hardware store and buy ABS or PVC pipe. Anything around 10-inches long will do, so don’t go all out and buy more pipe than you need for this project.

If possible, ask the store attendant to look around for anything that you can use as a lid at one end of the PVC or ABS pipe. It would be great if you can get threaded caps that you can screw onto the ends of the pipe.

Buy some activated charcoal, unscented dryer paper, rubber bands or string, as well as the other items listed for making the first sploof. Once your supplies are all in one place, then you will need half an hour tops to put this sploof together.

Step #2: Drill Holes into One Cap

Get one of the plastic caps that you obtained from the hardware store and drill several tiny holes through it. Once again, those holes should neither be too large nor too small.

The purpose of those holes is to let the sanitized weed smoke come out of the sploof. If you notice that the airflow isn’t sufficient, consider enlarging the holes ever so slightly. Place this prepared cap onto the bottom of the sploof.

Step #3: Insert a Dryer Sheet

For this step of the how-to-make-a-sploof-process, you’ll need an unscented dryer sheet. Fold it, then insert it at the end of the pipe. That will be the bottom of your sploof.

This should be done before you attach the cap with holes in it. The dryer sheet is optional, but it is a good idea to include it because it prevents the smaller activated charcoal particles from making a mess.

If you noticed that your activated carbon is dusty, don’t put the dryer sheet in the PVC tube/pipe just yet! Instead, screw the cap onto the pipe and pour the activated charcoal into the pipe.

Run some water through the charcoal in the pipe, so all the dust can be washed out through the holes you drilled into the cap.

Let the carbon completely dry, then you can proceed with the step of placing the dryer sheet at the bottom of the PVC pipe. Alternatively, you can use paper towels to dry your activated charcoal to save time if you need to complete this project quickly.

Step #4: Position the Bottom Cap

With the dryer sheet in place, you can now twist the cap onto the bottom of the pipe.

Make sure that it is firm and will not drop off accidentally. If it isn’t firm, use any adhesive tape, such as duct tape, which you then secure the cap at the bottom of the pipe you are using to make the sploof.

Step #5: Put the Activated Carbon Inside

Support the bottom of the pipe with the cap secured and pour the activated carbon into the pipe. Don’t fill it to the brim. If you do, you may accidentally spill this useful material during use.  Instead, fill it to about a three-quarter level and no more.

Step #6: Cover the Activated Carbon

You will need to use a sheet or two of unscented dryer sheets for this step as well. Fold and cut the dryer sheets into pieces that can fit neatly into the pipe that you have just poured the activated carbon into.

Two or three layers should be sufficient since you’re only using it to prevent your mouth from coming into contact with the activated carbon as you exhale into the sploof. There is no harm in the carbon touching your lips, but we want your attention to be focused on enjoying your joint, don’t we?

Step #7: Test Your Sploof

How to Make a Sploof

Now is the time to light up a joint and reward yourself for the work that you have just done. Draw deeply on that joint and exhale into the open end of the sploof. As soon as all the smoke is in, cover the top of the sploof and let the activated carbon do its magic. You’ll be able to see whether the sanitized smoke is flowing out of the sploof at a decent rate.

If the smoke is coming out at a very slow rate, then it might be time to remove the cap at the bottom and widen the holes a little. This will help with the pressure difference between the interior and the exterior of the sploof as it pulls the weed smoke through the activated carbon and out via the holes in the cap.

Step #8: Pimp Your Sploof (Optional)

Now it is time for the final step of learning in this how to make a sploof tutorial! If you are satisfied with how the seven steps listed above have turned out, then you can add your finishing touches.

Remember that you used PVC or ABS pipe for this homemade sploof, so this device will be your companion for a long time to come. You might, therefore, want to personalize it! Decorate the exterior in any way you choose. For example, you could add some stickers or pick up a permanent marker and bring out your artistic side.

Whichever way you use to create your sploof, it’s a super convenient tool to have on hand. When combined with freshly grown marijuana, you can enjoy an odor-less smoke without going out to buy weed.  To get started growing your personal weed plant, purchase the Pot for Pot Complete Kit. In no time, you’ll be discreetly enjoying marijuana in the comfort of your own home. 

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