How To Make a Joint Filter

Whether you’re a novice or a full-blown stoner, knowing how to make a joint filter is a valuable skill. Many people are often worried that using a joint filter will somehow make your hit less potent. In reality, using a joint filter makes smoking your joint so much easier by opening up the airflow and getting rid of all your roach problems.

Why You Should Be Using a Joint Filter

Joint filters should be an essential part of any stoner’s toolbox. Yet, a lot of people forgo the joint filter altogether when they’re rolling a joint. It’s true that rolling a joint filter can take up some extra time if you’re in a rush and adds effort to the joint rolling process, but the benefits far outweigh the extra work.

Joint tips help keep your joint together. There’s nothing worse than having your entire joint crumble when you’re ashing it. You can easily avoid mishaps like this by simply using a joint filter. Filters are made of cardboard or sturdy paper giving the base of your joint some much-needed stability.

Joint tips also give you better value for your weed. With the filter that means you are able to smoke the entire joint with all your weed. You’ll never have to deal with a roach or wasting weed every again.

If you’re worried about the extra time or effort that comes with rolling filters for your joint, just take the time to pre-roll yourself some filters and keep them close by. That way whenever you’re in the mood to smoke a joint, you have a filter there waiting for you.

How To Make a Joint Filter

How to Roll a Filtered Joint

Filters are the stiff cardboard-like paper on the mouth end of most dispensary joints. Though most dispensaries use pre-formed “cones” in which to stuff ground cannabis, you can roll something similar using regular rolling papers and a crutch or piece of card stock. There are even brands that make books of filter tips that allow you to roll a filter consistently every time.


  1. Begin by grinding about half to one gram of cannabis flower into a soft texture then set to the side
  2. Next, hold the unused filter or card stock by the short side and fold quarter-inch of the filter up toward the opposite end
  3. Turn the filter over and fold another quarter-inch up toward the opposite end so that an accordion shape starts to form
  4. Turn the filter paper over and fold a third time, creating an “M” or “W” shape. There should be just over an inch of unfolded filter at this time. You can also make a spiral shape instead of a “W” if you prefer.
  5. Hold the three folded sections together and wrap the remaining unfolded filter around the three folds so that the “W” is wrapped in the rest of the filter
  6. At this point, you should have a round filter with the letter “W” (or “M”) proudly displayed in the middle
  7. You can adjust the size of the filter by tightening or loosening the wrap around the “W. Set your filter to the side
  8. For the next step, hold a rolling paper in your non-dominant hand with the glue strip farthest away from you
  9. Sprinkle your ground bud along the crease of the paper ensuring even distribution across the length of the paper. Place your filter along one side of the paper, usually the side closest to your non-dominant hand
  10. Pinch the rolling paper between your thumbs and index fingers and roll gently back and forth until the cannabis begins taking a cigarette shape
  11. Once the bud has taken form, roll the flower to the base of the paper (closest to your body), tuck the end of the paper closest to you between the rolled flower and the other side of the paper then gently roll up so that the flower becomes trapped inside of the paper. Lick the glue strip on the rolling paper then finish rolling to glue the loose end in place.

If necessary, you can push the filter back inside of the joint, ensuring that there is no gap between the filter and the cannabis inside of the joint. Use a pen or other tool to poke cannabis from the end opposite of the filter deep into the joint then twist the end to hold all cannabis in place and give you an easy place to light your joint. Take a moment to admire your work them spark it up, and enjoy!

How to Roll a Joint with a Charcoal Filter

The easiest way to do this is to buy one online or from your local headshop and roll it into your joint the same as you would any other type of filter. You could also try to fashion your own charcoal filter if you have charcoal powder and a thin plastic tube, a few inches long.

1. Roll a joint with a thin filter in the end.

2. Roll another thin filter that can fit inside of a thin plastic tube. Put the filter in one end of the plastic tube.

3. Fill the plastic tube almost all the way to the top with charcoal powder, leaving enough room in the end so you can slide the filter-side of the joint you just rolled into the plastic tube. Then, do exactly that: slide the filter-side of the joint into the end of the plastic tube.

4. You should now have a joint with a filter, attached to a plastic tube filled with charcoal powder, with another filter at the end where you’ll smoke out of.

How to Roll a Filter Shaped like a Cannabis Leaf

This method of rolling a joint filter is the same idea as the “W” filter, but with more folds.

1. Start out with a joint filter tip, which you can purchase at your local head shop or online. The larger the filter tip, the easier this process will be. If you don’t have access to this, your next best bet is to cut off a rectangle strip from a business card. (Note: remember the larger the filter tip, the larger the filter will be at the end. The larger the resulting filter, the larger of a joint you’ll end up rolling.) Take your filter tip and start making folds, the same as is detailed in the “W” shaped filter instructions above.

How To Make a Joint Filter

While making the first five folds, make sure the folds get bigger and bigger each time, so that when you look at the filter paper from a side angle, there are 3 triangular points that get increasingly large. The third point will be the largest middle “leaf” in the cannabis plant shape. Then, make five more folds, but this time, make each fold smaller than the last. Once you’ve finished folding, look at the filter paper from a side angle again. You should now have five triangular points, with the tallest in the middle, flanked on either side by slightly smaller points, and on the very ends, the two smallest points.

How To Make a Joint Filter

Take the outside “walls” of the furthest most, smallest points, and bring them together so that they touch directly beneath the largest point that’s acting as the tall center leaf. You should now see the shape of a cannabis leaf. (Note: While an actual cannabis leaf normally has seven points, yours will only have 5. You could try to make seven points, but it would be difficult.)

How To Make a Joint Filter

Carefully roll all the excess filter paper around this leaf shape, the same way you did with the “W” shaped filter. This should create a circle around the cannabis leaf shape.

How To Make a Joint Filter

By now, some of your “leaf points” will have probably collapsed into each other. To reshape them so that they once again resemble a cannabis leaf, simply take a pin and stick it in between all the points to carefully separate them so that they’re no longer touching, but splay outwards in the shape of a cannabis leaf.

How To Make a Joint Filter

Use your new filter to roll a joint and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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