How to get rid of the smell of marijuana

If you’ve ever visited the Netherlands, Canada or one of the states with relaxed marijuana laws, there’s a chance you’ve (legally) enjoyed the mind-altering drug known as marijuana. Weed is great for relaxing, producing a mild euphoria and basically having a really chilled out time — just ask viral sensation Frederick Miller. While the drug does have relaxing benefits, it also features a pungent aroma. If you like to smoke pot, or if you smoke pot for medicinal purposes, but don’t want everyone to know, you probably want to know how to get rid of weed smell.

We’re not suggesting anyone smoke weed illegally. We’re simply saying that even in the most law-abiding households, there are plenty of reasons the average weed smoker may wish to free their home of that identifying smell, much in the same way a cigarette smoker might want to get rid of the associated scent, too. Whether your parents are visiting and you’d rather they didn’t know or you’re hosting colleagues at a dinner party, you’ll need to know how to get rid of weed smell.

Below, we’ve created a how to guide with 10 of the best options for clearing your home and your person of weed’s distinctive smell. There are options for all kinds of smokers, whether you smoke every week, every month or are just looking to try it once in a while without a lasting impact on your home. Take a look through the list, and find the right option for your weed odor removal needs.

How to get rid of the smell of marijuana

Tips to prevent weed smell

There are several strategies you can try if you want to avoid that weed smell taking over in the first place. Your non-smoking housemates will thank you if you try any number of these tips to minimize or prevent weed smell.

  1. Choose a cannabis strain known for its light fragrance. Northern Lights, Blue Mystic, Polar Express, Papaya, and perhaps surprisingly, Sharksbreath, are all reputed to be low-odor strains.
  2. Store your cannabis properly in an airtight container so that it stays fresh rather than turning skunky. 
  3. Consider methods of consumption that don’t involve smoke like vape pens or edibles. 
  4. If your only option or preference is to smoke, go for a pipe rather than a joint or bong. Pipes produce less smoke than joints and bongs, and therefore don’t smell quite so strong. Flower vaporizers and one-hitters may also offer the same advantages. 
  5. If you have dryer sheets, toilet paper, and a rubber band lying around, try making a sploof and exhaling smoke through it. 

Invest in air fresheners. 

Air fresheners can be used to combat many troublesome odors, including the smell of marijuana. Consider plugging in an air freshener, or placing a new air freshener in a room, shortly after smoking. If you do not smoke yourself, you can use an air freshener if you notice a fresh scent in the air.[1]

  • You can buy gel-based air fresheners that come encased in a plastic case. To use, you would simply open the case to allow the smell to escape.
  • However, gel-based air fresheners may not provide as strong odor cover up. Many air fresheners plug into a wall and pump out a fresh scent all day. If the smell is strong, considering investing in a plug-in air freshener for an added effect.
How to get rid of the smell of marijuana

Try scented candles. 

Scented candles can also mask the unwanted smell of marijuana smoke. You can buy a variety of scented candles at most supermarkets. Many malls have stores dedicated to selling scented candles. Air freshener companies often sell separate candles specifically designed to neutralize and remove odor. Experiment with a variety of scented candles until you find one that works for you.

  • Consider choosing something with a natural scent, like pine. Using a strong scented candle can seem suspicious, as if you’re trying to cover something up.

Use spray odor removers.

Spray odor removers can be a great means to remove unwanted odor. In addition to spritzing the air with odor removers, you can spray them over your carpeting and furniture to remove set-in smells.

  • Look for products that advertise themselves as “odor removers” or “odor neutralizers.” These products seek to remove unwanted smells rather than just masking them. Febreeze is a popular variety that can work well, particularly on carpeting and furniture.
  • Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using any product. Some products may come with warnings or should not be used on a particular type of fabric or carpeting.
  • It’s a good idea to spray a small corner of carpeting or fabric first to test out the product. Make sure the spray does not cause any discoloration or other problems before spritzing it all over your carpeting or furniture.

Ridding Marijuana Odor from Your Home When You Have a Weekend

If you’ve got some time on your hands – say on a weekend of chores, or while you’re doing some spring cleaning – then get some brushes, rags, and buckets together and put some music on the stereo. Or a Netflix show that you can tune out, most likely about baking or true crime.

Thanks to gravity, nearly everything eventually ends up on the ground. That’s also true of smoke and if you’ve got a carpet, that’s where that odor will remain.

Vacuuming will take care of a lot of the smell, but if you can’t remember the carpet’s original color beneath the spilled bong water and grubby haze, or you’re trying to get your deposit back, you’ll need a carpet shampooer. Luckily, many grocery and hardware stores offer them for rental and they’re pretty easy to use. Just pour some hot water and detergent into the tank, flip on the power, and watch the magic as it returns your carpet to its original, fresh condition. 

Next, get some Lysol or other cleaning agents and give all your hard surfaces a swipe. Old resin, crumbly charred bits of weed, and sticky bits of tar all add up to one overwhelming odor of old weed. Once they’re wiped up you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes. Finally, finish it all off with an odor remover. While air fresheners may mask the smells that can come right back, odor remover spray will go one step further. These sprays and absorbent pillows will suck the cannabis smells out of the air rather than just covering for them.

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