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Growing manual
Table of contents
01. Overview
02. Genetics and the plant
03. Indoors & outdoors
04. Planting indoors
05. Shelf growing
06. Light
07. Sea of green
08. Germination
09. Vegetative growth
10. Flowering
11. Hydroponics
12. Recycling
13. Guerrilla gardening
14. Soil growing
15. Security
16. Plant food and nutrients
17. Ph and fertilizers
18. Folair feeding
19. Venting
20. Temperature
21. Pests
22. Transplanting
23. Early sexing
24. Regeneration
25. Pruning
26. Harvesting and drying
27. Cloning
28. Breeding
29. Sinsemillia
30. Sinse seeds
31. Odors and negative ions
32. Oxygen
33. Safety and privacy
34. Distilled water
35. Birth control pills
36. Seed and bud storage
37. A final comment

Cannabis Marijuana seeds Growing Guide
Are you tired of buying your cannabis from shady people on the streets? Sure the quality isn't too good! You might get ripped off, or even worse, you might get robbed! To prevent this, just grow your own cannabis. Wether you do it indoors, or outdoors, it doesn't matter. It's easy, doesn't cost you a lot of time (check once every week), and you certainly won't rip yourself off! It's nice to grow your own cannabis, it gives that little extra oompfh! I mean, it's your cannabis!

The following pages have an extended growing guide, to make sure you know everything you need to know!

Good luck and have fun!