Everything about the Stoner Subculture

Stoner Subculture

The topic of marijuana is widely discussed in modern society. There is a very important question: is marijuana dangerous, and if so, find out how dangerous it is. Many laws have been passed outlawing the use of marijuana and persecuting those who own green plants. Recently, however, both recreational and medical uses of marijuana have become more widely accepted and popularized in society than ever before. In states such as Washington, California, and Nevada, the drug, which was once illegal and widely frowned upon, has been legalized for recreational use.

The stoner subculture is one of the most popular and iconic subcultures in America. It has a rich history, but it also continues to evolve with the times. The stoner culture is made up of many different groups, some of who are more famous than others. This blog post will discuss all aspects of these groups and what they have contributed to this world-famous subculture!

There are many different groups within the stoner subculture such as hipsters and hippies who use drugs to escape reality; there’s also psychedelics for those with an adventurous spirit who love psychedelic experiences; some even like being “stoner chicks” or guys that smoke pot recreationally while simultaneously finding happiness in nature. There is always something new happening within the world of marijuana – continue reading to see where it could lead us next!

What is the Stoner Subculture?

A stoner subculture is a group of people who live their lives in accordance with the values and traditions that stoners have upheld for generations. These are often seen as “lazy” or “hippie-like,” but they’ve been around since long before marijuana became part of our national consciousness! The term ‘stoner’ was first used during World War II to describe soldiers under the influence of drugs. It wasn’t until later when weed started becoming more popularized by groups like The Beatles and Woodstock, that stoner culture really took off.
Stoners have been around for ages but they are still considered to be a minority in society because of old-fashioned rules that classify them as outlaws since marijuana laws make them illegal in most places.
Stoners have a lot of traditions – they usually like to spend time with friends, listen and play music, eat snacks, or smoke weed. They’re also very relaxed people who don’t really care about what others think! These stoner values are embraced by the subculture and often lead to friendships that last for years.
The stoner lifestyle is centered on marijuana use; it’s not uncommon for these folks to consume as much as an ounce of pot in one day or even more than once per day!

Everything about the Stoner Subculture

No one can ever say that they know for sure how many people exist within this subculture because there are more stoners than the police and government agencies could count. We all stay mostly underground to avoid being detected by those who would seek to persecute us, but we’re often found at events such as festivals, concerts, music gigs, or comedy shows where weed is prevalent. Stoner culture has evolved into a global phenomenon; marijuana use isn’t just limited to North America anymore! There’s an entire world of stoners out there waiting for you!
Weed is a topic that often needs to be discussed in this subculture. It’s not just about smoking weed and sitting around, it means so much more than that! Weed has been linked with many stoner subcultures like hippies or the Rastafari for example. A study found that marijuana use can help those who are suffering from PTSD because of its ability to dampen emotional reactivity to thoughts associated with memories of traumatic events. So I guess you could say weed also helps form our culture as well; we’ve learned how important it is as individuals and communities through both trial and error over time.
The word stoner comes from cannabis users being “high.” We know when we’re high by feeling altered perceptions or sensations, a slowed reaction time, and changes in mood. A study found that people who are high might be more inclined to take risks because of their increased impulsivity linked with the drug’s effects on dopaminergic system balance.

Everything about the Stoner Subculture

This includes slang like 420 (marijuana culture code), munchies (the hunger you get when smoking pot), and what some call “stoner movies” which include films such as Half Baked or Pineapple Express. You may have heard about this before from your friends if they seem to always want weed whenever they get together; it could mean something really cool like we’re all getting baked today!
The stoner subculture includes a number of things, like weed slang and stoner movies. It’s really interesting to learn about this culture because it looks into the world of people who partake in marijuana use or simply just enjoy its effects!
The stoner subculture also includes weed paraphernalia, which is any marijuana-related item that’s used to consume or store weed. These items can be anything from a pipe or bong (a water pipe) to rolling papers and even storage containers like jars!
The stoner subculture also encompasses what some people call “stoner hobbies”, which can be anything from video games to surfing the internet. You know you’re a stoner when you start asking your friends if they want to play Overwatch and then spend hours playing Fortnite!
Stoners have their own lingo too – take “420” for example. That number represents how many minutes away it is until midnight on April 20th (April 20th being weed’s most celebrated day). So 420 means marijuana culture code of course while ‘munchies’ are the hunger you get after smoking pot!
The stoner subculture also includes things like “pot days” – the day of the week when you smoke pot most often; 420 celebrations (the code for weed); different types of cannabis with humorous names such as White Widow Weed, Purple Haze Kush, etc.; trends and fads on social media (#weedstagram); celebrity drug confessions in magazines; and last but not least; marijuana blogs written by people who partake in smoking it regularly.

Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil

The Rick Simpson Oil is a cannabis extract that has been used to treat cancer and other diseases for years. It contains high levels of THC, which is in marijuana. The article will explain how to make Rick Simpson Oil, the benefits of it, and what kind of equipment you need to get started with this process.
To make Rick Simpson Oil you will need the following: hemp, alcohol (preferably vodka), and cotton pads. To start with you want to clean your workspace well. This is important because it ensures that there are no bacteria or other microbes present in your oil which can be harmful for consumption. You then take a couple of handfuls of dry cannabis and place it into boiling water; this process should only take about 30 minutes before everything is fully boiled down to a green gooey paste-like substance. Once this has been done, pour some dried leaves out onto wax paper so they can cool and harden while also being stored indefinitely without any risk of them going bad over time due to their moisture content evaporating away. You will need to have access to a container that has been filled with a high-proof alcohol (preferably vodka) and is large enough so the plant material can be submerged in it. Take the dried cannabis leaves, place them on top of cotton pads, and put these into your jar with the alcohol. The only thing left now for you to do is wait about 24 hours before removing everything from the jar. This should give you Rick Simpson Oil for use within this period of time or up until its expiration date after that point.

Rick Simpson Oil

Some facts about RSO

Rick Simpson Oil’s treatment for cancer is a natural, harmless, and effective method that does not cause any side effects like chemotherapy or radiation therapy do.
Rick Simpson OIl has been curing people’s cancers without any negative side effects since 2003 when the first person was cured with it.
Dr. Christina Sanchez from the Madrid Cancer Institute in Spain at the conference Cannabis Cannabinoids as Therapeutics, 2015 where she said about RSO: “There are many studies showing its efficacy against different types of cancer cells.
The cannabis plant contains over 500 chemicals including 60+ cannabinoids which have various healing and anti-carcinogenic effects.
In the case of cancer, cannabinoids have been shown to attack cancer cells in several ways. Cannabinoids are usually what is called “synergistic” meaning they work together synergistically with other treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
When Rick Simpson discovered that cannabis oil could cure his skin cancer he immediately started sharing it with others who had cancers too and many were miraculously cured.
He has now come up with a straightforward way to make this life-saving medicine: by boiling large amounts of high-quality marijuana over an open flame until all the THC-rich resins collect on top or can be collected from the bottom later. The Rick Simpson Oil (or “RSO”) can then be extracted, filtered, and cooked down to become more potent.
RSO is usually taken in a way similar to how one might take other oils. Rick Simpson has made it very clear that the best dosage for him was about an ounce per day of RSO with each dose being divided into as many doses as needed during the course of the day.

How to use Rick Simpson Oil:

-Rick Simpson recommends people stop taking their painkillers such as opioids (e.g., morphine), benzodiazepines (e.g., Xanax, Valium), or SSRI antidepressants… and replace them with cannabis;
-It’s important not to use any oil lower than 99% THC because they do not work well at all;
-Marijuana has been shown to be effective for the treatment of cancer symptoms like nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, and depression from chemotherapy treatment – which are some of the most debilitating side effects that often lead patients without access to cannabis in places like Canada and the United States to suffer through their treatments;
-Rick Simpson Oil is believed to be a great way for people who are not comfortable smoking marijuana or vaporizing it.

  • Rick Simpson recommends that rso should never be heated up as doing so will cause THC degradation.
  • A little goes a long way! Just one drop of RSO on your tongue, under your tongue, rubbed into your gums (be careful about how much you take), or put onto/in food can have an amazing effect.
  • You may want to try using Rick Simpson oil externally too – just rub some RSO over the skin with caution.
Rick Simpson Oil

Benefits of Rick Simpson Oil:

  • Rick Simpson oil is a natural way to heal the brain. It can prevent and eliminate symptoms such as seizures, tremors, headaches, or nausea.
  • RSO helps with cancer treatment side effects like weight loss, hair loss, and nausea.
  • While it’s not an FDA-approved drug yet – rso has actually been shown in scientific studies to shrink tumors by killing cancer cells while leaving healthy ones untouched.
  • The most potent cannabis extracts are created using concentrated forms of THC that remain stable at room temperature for months on end. This is because cannabinoids have low solubility in water which makes them polar molecules that prefer fatty environments (like our cell membranes). When you apply Rick Simpson Oil to a cancer cell, the THC will actually travel through cells in our body and attach themselves to cannabinoid receptors on those cells.
  • The cannabinoids from rso get into these cancerous cells and tell them that they’ve been “wounded” or damaged by something else like radiation or toxins. When this happens, it signals the start of apoptosis (cell death) for the unhealthy cell.
  • Many people report treating their high blood pressure with rso.
  • Ingesting marijuana can help alleviate severe nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients – but many find solace in oils because ingesting cannabis often leads to an unpleasant experience due to stomach irritation.
  • Rick Simpson oil is nonpsychoactive .
  • Rick Simpson oil is nontoxic.
  • Many cancer patients, including those fighting the most aggressive forms of cancer and terminal cancers have been using Rick Simpson oil to heal themselves with impressive success.
  • Lower blood pressure levels in some individuals – especially high blood pressure sufferers who haven’t responded well to medication or had their hypertension managed successfully through other means.
  • Nonpsychoactive products that can be used during work hours without fear of “high” side effects like mental impairment or slowed reaction times.

The Most Expensive Cannabis Strains

The Most Expensive Cannabis Strains

Cannabis strains can be expensive due to the rarity of their genetics, how demanding they are during cultivation and production.

A lot of people in today’s society who use marijuana do so because it has medicinal properties for them to address health issues like chronic pain management, anxiety, or depression.

The most expensive cannabis strains are the ones that provide a high potency with less of an impact on your wallet. If you’re looking for something to get you stoned, there’s always going to be a strain out there that will do it and keep some money in your pocket at the same time. Some more expensive weed is bred from other plants like Blueberry and White Widow which create hybrids that pack both punch and value!

The costs of marijuana depend on quality and quantity purchased; however, as long as it is used responsibly it shouldn’t be too detrimental to one’s finances.

It varies by state but the average cost can range between $30-$120 an eighth with some states like California seeing prices as high as $250 an eighth.

The average cost of a gram in the U.S is around $15 with some states seeing prices up to 25% higher than other state averages because they have legalized cannabis for recreational use such as Colorado and Washington State who see their rates hovering around $20 per gram.

The Most Expensive Cannabis Strains

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The most expensive cannabis strain

Some more expensive cannabis out there is bred from these special breeds, and in turn, can cost quite a bit. For example, “Rare Dankness” costs $260 per ounce while some others go for only about $30-50 per ounce depending on what you buy. They say it’s worth every penny though because this type of weed goes above and beyond what a normal “pot” does – after all, if you’re going to spend money on something, you might as well make it worth your while.

  • Green Crack Haze -$115 a half OZ for those who want that extra kick from their weed (this type is so potent though that most people smoke only one bowl at a time) or try using with caution if they’re not experienced, smokers. These are just some examples of what’s out there in terms of cost and quality.
  • Blue Dream is very expensive variety of weed.
  • Rare Dankness comes in at a close second with an ounce costing $260 on average, which can be well worth it for those looking to treat themselves or find relief from chronic pain and anxiety.
  • Tahoe OG Kush is also considered one of the priciest cannabis strains available today coming in around $150 per ounce but this type has been known to go up as high as $300+ depending on quality and quantity purchased; however, you should know that it’s not just about how much money you spend: if what you’re buying doesn’t suit your needs then there really isn’t any point in going all out (and spending more than you have to).
  • Other expensive cannabis strains include Durban Poison, Blueberry Punch CBD Kush, and Strawberry Banana OG.
  • The most expensive weed in the world is a variety called “Alpine” which sells for around $320 per ounce.

Why are they so expensive?

The prices of the most expensive cannabis strains are so high because they’re not grown in mass quantities whereas there is a lower demand for these types of weed, the more expensive it will be.
A good example would be when you buy an iPhone from Apple; this product is only made available to those who can afford and need one so as time goes on their value increases even though they come at a higher price than other brands. The same thing happens with the most expensive cannabis strains- people want them but they’re not always readily available which makes them cost more.

What makes them so special and why would someone want to invest in this type of product?

The main thing that makes the most expensive cannabis strains “special” would be the high THC level. A lot of people invest in these types of products because they want to experience different highs than what is typically available for purchase, and it’s a way to explore new avenues without sacrificing quality or price. A lot of people are looking for more intense feelings from their weed so as long as those interested know exactly what they’re getting into with the most expensive cannabis strains, it can make for an interesting ride!

The most expensive cannabis strains are not always readily available which makes them cost more.

Do any celebrities smoke these strains?

It’s a popular misconception that celebs who are known for their smoking habits smoke the most expensive cannabis strains. In reality, these celebrities can’t even afford to buy them because they’re so expensive!

Celebrities, who smoke weed

Celebrities, who smoke weed are famous for smoking a lot of lower-grade weed. There is even an entire industry dedicated to selling celebrity-branded low-quality weed, which is why they can afford it and smoke so much!
The most expensive cannabis strains have the best THC content in order to give you you are desired high. You might not be able to afford them now but if you save up enough money then maybe one day you will be able to stop paying attention.
If someone does want to spend more on their favorite type of marijuana, there are plenty of ways that they can do this without breaking the bank when buying expensive weed online or at brick-and-mortar dispensaries. They could simply purchase less expensive types like the black market or top-shelf dope and save the rest for expensive weed products.

The Most Expensive Cannabis Strains

List of stoner celebrities

  • Woody Harrelson;
  • Snoop Dogg;
  • Seth Rogen;
  • Bill Murray.
    These are just some examples of people who smoke weed and have become famous for it in one way or another. There are many more like them, but we will not list all.

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What is CBN Weed?

What is CBN Weed

Most people smoke or vaporize CBN cannabis to experience its many healing attributes without experiencing a high from smoking weed that contains THC. If you are looking to buy CBN weed online, this blog post will help you understand what it is so that you know what to look for!

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What is CBN weed?

CBN weed is a strain of cannabis that has high CBD and low THC levels. CBN stands for Cannabinol. It’s a chemical compound that comes from the cannabis plant and hemp plants, which are in close proximity to one another when they grow. The presence of cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or other cannabinoids does not affect this process at all – instead, it only alters the end product by changing its potency and effects. This means that if there’s CBN in your CBD oil, you’ll still have THC as well even if you’re using something like Charlotte’s Web which is high-CBD but low-THC.

It can be helpful in treating certain medical conditions, such as anxiety, inflammation, pain relief, and more. CBN and CBD difference is that CBN is a psychoactive cannabinoid that can induce a deep state of relaxation. There are many strains of cannabis with different ratios of cannabinoids (CBN being one), but the ratio for this type tends to be about 20% CBD/0% THC or higher.

The effects from smoking CBD flower may vary depending on what you’re looking for – euphoria versus relaxation vs antiemetic properties, etc. Many smokers report a relaxed state of mind when they smoke CBD flower – perfect after a long day at work! Many people also enjoy using cbd cannabis to help them sleep better or fight an illness like cancer. CBN strains are relatively new in the market.

How to get high on CBN weed?

What is CBN Weed?
  • Smoking it is the most common way of getting high on CBN weed.
  • You can also consume cbn weed in other ways, like eating brownies with a non psychoactive THC extract or vaping CBD oil. It’s important to remember that not all strains are created equally and you may have different experiences with each one! Research what kind will help you best before purchasing any products online.

How to grow CBN weed?

  • Be sure to use organic growing practices;
  • The soil needs to be rich in nutrients, high in carbon, and low in nitrogen, this is usually achieved by using a mix of compost and vermiculite.CBN plants prefer slightly cooler temperatures than THC marijuana plants so try planting your CBN seedlings at the same time as you would plant tomatoes;
  • Remember that cbn cannabis requires significantly more sunlight than regular strains like indica or sativa;
  • The flowering stage for cbn cannabis will last longer – around 12 weeks instead of a normal two months with other types. It can also take up to 20% longer before it starts producing buds. This is because CBN is a more difficult type of cannabis to grow;
  • It’s important not to overfeed your cbn weed plants, as they are very sensitive;
  • The buds will be denser and smaller than the ones found on THC strains but they can produce higher yields overall;
  • Your CBN weed plant will need to be in a grow room or greenhouse that has been designed with environmental controls;
  • You should also use lamps without UVB rays so the buds don’t dry out too fast. This type of weed needs more humidity inside the growing area as well;
  • If you’re cultivating your own strain of CBN plants it’s important not to mix them up with regular marijuana seeds because they have different sensitivities. For example, indica seedlings are less sensitive to light than cbd strains .

Benefits of using CBN weed

  • Smoking weed has been shown to help people with certain medical conditions.
  • CBN is believed to have many medicinal benefits for the body and mind, but research is still being done on these claims. One way cbn cannabis may be beneficial for you is if it’s used as an antiemetic in treating nausea or vomiting related to chemotherapy treatments.
  • As with CBD oil more broadly (and THC before it), people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of tinkering with their endocannabinoid system through using cannabis and its derivatives. Some say that CBN weed helps them fall asleep faster than they otherwise would be able to do so on their own, though this is not scientifically proven at all – only anecdotal evidence from those who have tried it out.
  • It also helps some people who have anxiety in social settings by inducing a feeling of calmness and relaxation, while others find that CBN weed can help with nausea related to chemotherapy treatments or other medical conditions like Crohn’s Disease – an effect which could be felt from ingesting it in edibles as well.

Side effects of using CBN weed

What is CBN Weed?
  • People who are sensitive to THC may experience anxiety when smoking cbn weed.
  • The effects of CBN can take longer to feel than other strains of cannabis, so be patient! You’ll know it’s taken effect once your eyes begin to droop and you’re feeling sleepy.

How much does it cost for a gram of CBN marijuana?

A CBN strain typically sells for about $40 per eighth (about one and a half grams) and is usually priced around $50-$60 per quarter ounce ($144 total).

If you are looking for CBN Weed online (as opposed to buying it at a dispensary), then there are some things you should know before placing your order: You will need a Medical Marijuana Card if ordering from Canada because it is federally illegal. If ordering from south America or Europe, this card may not be necessary due to varying regulations on cbn cannabis products. The best way to get started with finding suppliers who sell quality cbn weed online is by asking around friends or family members who already smoke!
In Conclusion: CBN Cannabis is one of many strains that contain THC with 0% psychoactive effects; instead, they are known for their healing and therapeutic properties. CBN Weed is legal in all 50 states, so if you’re looking to buy cbn cannabis this might be a good starting point!

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Feminized Cannabis

Feminized Cannabis

Have you ever noticed how most of the cannabis plants that are grown around the world today happen to be male? Well, this is not just a coincidence. Cultivators have been working hard for years now in order to produce feminized cannabis and weed seeds that will help them meet their objectives more efficiently.

The advantages of feminized weed are quite surprising, but there are also disadvantages as well. It’s important for you to understand what these differences might be before making your decision about whether or not you want to buy feminized cannabis seeds online from a reputable seed bank.

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What is feminized cannabis?

When a feminized cannabis plant is created, it’s the result of crossing a male with female plants. The goal of this process is to produce all females from these crops so that there are no males in the end product. You can identify the feminine weed by its long buds which often smell lemony when harvested while masculine batches come across smelling more like pine needles.
The idea behind using genetically modified strains of marijuana has always been to eliminate imperfections such as hermies (which means one half of your crop was male), low yields, and potential for unstable production.
In the past, these were problems that could be avoided by using feminized pot seeds but in recent years we have seen a rise of hermies and males popping up again in many batches. This is especially common with growers who are just starting out or who may not take enough care to make sure all their plants go through the proper sexing process before they start flowering for harvest purposes. These individuals often grow outdoors so it can lead to an entire field being infected with male pollen which will then affect everything coming off from those crops at the end of the season if nothing has been done about it beforehand.
The need for feminine marijuana genetics cannot be overstated as breeding programs designed around this concept yield higher yields while also ensuring the safety and quality of the buds for those who want to medicate with cannabis.

The difference between male and female plants

Feminized Cannabis
  • The feminized cannabis is a type of weed where the only female flower grows, without a present in the garden.
  • Females are known to produce higher yields than males when it comes time for harvest because they don’t use any resources on making pollen or seeds (so all their energy goes into producing flowers). This means that feminized pot gives off stronger floral scents, more THC content per gram, and less contamination from other types of resin glands like CBDs – which has come as an increased interest to medical patients seeking relief from conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, or anxiety disorders.

Why do people use feminized seeds?

There are many reasons why people use feminized cannabis, for some, it’s because they believe in female power or want to grow plants that produce higher yields when harvested; but typically, growers will start out with “feminine” clones and then make more of them if their crop shows promise. Feminization also helps avoid pollination by male plants which can be problematic for marijuana strains like White Widow or other popular sativa varieties. The difference between male and female weeds is that females grow more flowers on each plant and have a higher THC content. When you order a feminized pot from your favorite seed bank, you’re guaranteed to receive only female cannabis strains.

How to make cannabis feminized?

Feminized Cannabis

If growing outside with male pollinator:

– grower must remove males from the area during the flowering cycle (to prevent pollination).
If growing inside with male pollinator:

– grower must close up everything as much as possible. Males will try to find their way in, and if they do, then you may end up with feminized seeds/marijuana.
Growers can keep males out by covering windows and air vents (with screens) so that pollen cannot enter the greenhouse or indoor space.
Make sure there are no holes for insects to crawl through because these pests also carry male genetic material; this can lead to a feminized crop even when using females plants! Covering any cracks is an extra precaution step here too.
Marijuana seed banks have caught on to this trend and now offer feminized seeds as an option when ordering. The difference between male and female weeds is that females grow more flowers on each plant and have a higher THC content.
Most growers start out with “feminine” clones before making their own from cuttings; but if they are starting from seed, they should order feminized seeds.
Feminized cannabis plants are easier and quicker to grow than male plants. They’re also more potent, produce less “bud rot” and have a higher yield per plant.
Feminizing seeds is done by using high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting in the flowering stage of marijuana’s life cycle.

Side effects of feminized cannabis

  • The feminized cannabis side effects are the same as any other type of marijuana. It can lead to feelings of anxiety, paranoia and lack of sleep in excessive doses. Overuse also leads to disorientation and dizziness because THC is a psychoactive substance that affects brain function. If you plan on taking this route for your garden, it’s important to always start with low dosages until your body adjusts so you don’t have an unpleasant experience or get sick from too much exposure.
  • Feminized weed increases the risk of hermaphrodites and other abnormalities.
  • It takes longer for plants to mature, so growers will have a bigger chance of getting caught by law enforcement before harvest time.
    Feminizing cannabis is not inherently illegal—it’s just against the rules in some states like Colorado where only female marijuana plants are allowed (due to legal fears). In these places, using feminization techniques would make your crop less desirable because you can’t provide much pollen or seeds for sale; but if no one knows about your technique then there shouldn’t be a problem.

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Planting Cannabis: Sog vs Scrog

Planting Cannabis Sog vs Scrog

Cannabis growers are always looking for ways to increase production. Sog and scrog is a common technique used by many cannabis cultivators who want increased yields and bigger plants. Both techniques have their upsides, but which one will work best for you? Read on to find out more about the two marijuana cultivation methods!

What is sog and scrog cannabis?

Sog and scrog are two different ways of growing cannabis. Sog stands for “sea of green,” which means you have a whole bunch of small plants spaced closely together or even grown in rows (a greenhouse would be ideal). Scrog stands for “screen of green,” which means the grower uses an overhead light to produce just enough light to cover every leaf on a plant that is typically pruned down so it’s shorter than all the other plants around it.

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How to grow sog and scrog cannabis?

Planting Cannabis: Sog vs Scrog

The sog technique is used to grow a lot of plants at once. The scrog technique works best for growers who want just a few big buds, but are looking for increased yields and bigger plants.
How to grow SOG cannabis:

  • Use hydroponics or soil;
  • Make sure you’re getting the right nutrients in your water/soil;
  • Get some strong lights that cover every inch of space available (both CFLs and HIDs work);
  • Make sure there’s enough airflow so all those little leaves don’t suffocate each other!

How to grow SCROG cannabis:

  • Choose one plant with nice branches that will produce large colas – preferably indica dominant;
  • Place the plant in a “sea of green” (SOG) set up with other plants, or grow it by itself if you’re going for scrog;
  • Tie down the branches so they don’t touch each other and cover the buds. This will keep them from getting too big!

Tips: Sog works best for growers who want to produce lots of cannabis at once – like serious commercial growers. Scrog is great for people who want just a few large colas but more quantity overall, or anyone looking to try something new. Try your hand at both sog and scrog methods to see what suits you best!

What are the benefits of sog cannabis over scrog?

SOG offers strong support, increased airflow, and better light penetration. This means more air circulation within the canopy which helps prevent molds from developing. In addition, with less dense vegetation underneath, there will be significantly improved views of your crop’s upper third when viewed through an observation window.
SOG works very well with row lighting setups that have multiple PAR lamps per square foot (like LED or HPS). As long as each lamp has at least one hour of burn time left before being switched off, this kind of setup provides all the light needed to cover every square inch of the canopy.
The drawbacks are that sog takes up more vertical space, and doesn’t do well with high-intensity discharge lamps (HID) due to its leafy growth habit.

What are the benefits of scrog cannabis over sog?

ScrOG is better for growers who want a shorter grow cycle or need dense coverage in their outdoor garden because it can be easily manipulated into many shapes, including but not limited to triangles, squares, and circles. ScroG also works very well with HPS lighting setups which produce a lot of heat right above the plants’ tops when viewed from below through an observation window. The drawback here is that there will always be taller shoots growing inside the canopy that will need to be trimmed back.
The other major benefit of scrog cannabis is that it’s more energy efficient than sog because there are air vents in between each plant and all around the sides of a screen enclosure for improved CO₂ intake. This reduces how often plants have to receive water or nutrients individually as well as reducing heat absorption from HID lighting systems which also helps with cooling costs during grow cycles.
An additional upside is that this setup takes up less vertical space on your property while still producing yields similar in size to tall growing setups like sog using fewer plants per square foot – you might only use one hundred square feet of gardening area under screens instead of four thousand square feet without them!

Pros and cons of sog and scrog

Planting Cannabis: Sog vs Scrog

Pros: SOG: If you’re looking for a quick turnaround and are willing to sacrifice some bud weight because your yields will be higher than with any other method then going with the row option might just suit you best!
Scrog: This is perfect for those who want to get the most of their weed plants while still making sure that each and every plant gets the right amount of light it needs. Scrogging also helps with managing your precious space better so you can have more time growing instead of tending to your garden!
Cons: SOG: It’s not always easy, but if done correctly sog will be much quicker than scrog in terms of turnaround time – which a lot of people like because they don’t want to give up too many months before being able to harvest again (or maybe there are other reasons). However, this might not suit everyone as some growers find that smaller yields are less desirable overall and would rather have a bigger payoff for their efforts. If you’re just getting started, this is the way to go! It’s less of a commitment and requires much less time before the harvest comes around – but it also means that each plant will be smaller as well (which might not suit everyone).
Scrog: It can take quite some time until you get your first yield in scrog because there needs to be very little light going into the plants so they don’t grow too tall or wide which makes them difficult to reach from all sides unless you have an A-frame greenhouse with plenty of vertical space.

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Hotboxin with Cannabis


Hotboxin’ with weed is a term that refers to smoking cannabis in an automobile. The high from hotboxing can be much more intense than just smoking alone, as the smoke has less space to dissipate. Hotboxing is illegal in some places because it can lead to injury and even death. However, if you are not too concerned about the law and want a potent high, read on for instructions on how to hotbox!

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Why should you use cannabis for stress relief?

Cannabis has been shown over time that it’s a great way of reducing anxiety and relieving depression. How do know this plant works wonders with treating both mental health disorders? It contains THC which interacts with brain cells responsible for producing neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

Hotboxin with Cannabis

What are the long-term effects of cannabis?

The short-term health impacts from smoking weed can include cough, sore throat, red eyes, dry mouth as well as some mental impairment such as paranoia or anxiety. Long-term use can lead to impaired cognitive abilities in those who start young for example memory loss; it may also increase the risk of heart attacks and lung cancer.
Other hotboxing methods:
There is more than one way to achieve a potent high when using marijuana! One option would be “hotboxing” which means you’re inhaling smoke while in an enclosed area with others who have ignited material used for this purpose (usually cannabis but sometimes tobacco). Hotboxing should not be done inside a building or in a car with the windows closed!

Hotboxing tips for the best experience

  • Fill up an enclosed space (a bedroom, bathroom, closet) with smoke. Make sure there is enough ventilation so you don’t suffocate yourself and whoever else is in the room.
  • Gather your friends together who are also toking; fill their lungs too! You can chat about how great weed makes everything seem but make sure not everyone’s talking at once because that will be hard on people’s ears. If someone needs more time before they’re ready to stop smoking then just wait until they’re done before starting over again. It’ll take them less time as long as you’ve made sure it won’t get crazy hot inside the room.
  • If you’re hotboxing a car, make sure the windows are down so that smoke can get out! If you don’t have enough ventilation you’ll start to feel dizzy and lightheaded from all of the weed in your system… not fun!
  • While it’s important for everyone to be able to breathe at some point during this process, there is no need to stop smoking every five minutes if one person wants more time (unless they keep needing breaks). As long as people are still talking or listening then it will stay cool inside even with all these extra joints going around.
  • It might take a while before someone feels noticeably high; just stay patient because those effects come on slowly but steadily over time. Just don’t forget to monitor how much weed you’re smoking so that it doesn’t hit you over the head quickly and then leave you high with no warning.
  • The smell of smoke might be enough for people who are sensitive, but if not just keep a couple of candles on hand or make sure there’s some kind of air freshener in the car.
  • If somebody is feeling really paranoid about their stash being discovered by police they can always ask someone else to take care of their share outside before coming back inside. If it’s too hot out don’t turn the A/C off (unless everyone feels like passing out). Some other advice would be: pack snacks & water bottles ahead; save up all talk for the car; don’t play games or use your phone while you’re hotboxing.
  • When people are done smoking they can hide their weed in a glove compartment, console cup holder, or center console. They should also be sure to clean out any ashtrays and vacuum up as much smoke residue as possible before driving off so there’s no incriminating evidence left behind for someone who might want to search them.
Hotboxin with Cannabis

The Effect of Hotboxin with Cannabis:

The effect is lightheadedness and euphoria by inhaling secondhand cannabis fumes mixed with being high from marijuana consumption just like ordinary hotboxing would do. There will not be an increase in body temperature due to increased perspiration but it increases the heart rate which could lead to a heart attack or an arrhythmia.

  • The term hotboxing originates from the practice of smoking cannabis in one’s own car with all windows up, which leads to a buildup of smoke inside that is then inhaled by passengers.
  • Hotbox with Cannabis can also be done outside and sometimes involves the use of makeshift equipment such as buckets or saucers filled with water for weed storage called “roguing” because it technically violates community standards on rogue behavior.
  • To hotboxing with cannabis, one must make sure that there is a sufficient amount of weed for everyone involved.
  • One can also use the “hot hands” method by simply holding their marijuana close to an open flame and inhaling deeply in order to smoke it without rolling it into paper or using a joint. The act has been used as far back as Ancient China and many other cultures across the globe have practiced this technique including Hindus in India who would often burn incense while smoking hashish from a chillum pipe made of clay, wood, or bamboo.
  • Hotboxing requires much more preparation than traditional methods such as smoking indoors because setting up equipment needs to be done outside where people need not worry about burning down their homes with open flame.
  • To hotbox in a car, one would normally take the back seat out and cover all of the windows but one with heavy objects such as blankets or tarps to prevent smoke from escaping into the outside air. The person taking part should then light up weed on an object that is placed approximately two inches above them while leaning over so they are inhaling deeply from below it.

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How to Make Spliff: The Complete Guide

How to Make Spliff

Spliff is a type of cigarette that is smoked in many parts of the world. The word spliff comes from the Dutch word “splijten”, which means to split or tear. Spliffs are usually made by putting marijuana inside one end of a rolled tobacco cigarette and lighting it on fire at both ends so that there is a small flame burning on either side. In this blog post, we will explore how to make spliff as well as its history and how different cultures have used them throughout time!

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  • Rolling Papers with Filter;
  • Tobacco Cigarette, Half-Finished (optional);
  • A pinch of weed or marijuana. You can also use hashish as well if you’re looking for a stronger high. The amount of cannabis you want to use depends on how strong it is and your preference; this guide will show the most common way people make spliffs which are using tobacco cigarettes half-finished since they are easier to work with than rolling papers.

A few things to note: cannabis must be finely ground so that it’s possible to fill in inside the cigarette paper before being lit up on fire at both ends while still leaving room for airflow from one end and out through the other side’s pipe hole/tip opening.

There are two different ways to roll up the spliff. One way is by gently stuffing the cannabis in between the cigarette paper and then rolling it back over itself, this method will leave a small visible space at one end of your joint but means that you can smoke from both ends like with regular cigarettes. The other way is just as easy which would be pressing down more on top of the tobacco cigarette so that there’s not much left exposed or open for airflow, however, because most people prefer being able to suck out some smoke through their mouth when having a hit off the tip they’ll usually use what we call “the filterless” method.

How to Make Spliff: The Complete Guide


  • To start with, you’ll need some paper and a rolling machine. If you’re using the “filterless” method then it’s not necessary to use any filters but if you want your joint to be less harsh on your throat or lungs then we recommend that you do so anyway. The most important thing is that before starting to roll up spliffs, make sure all of your tools are laid out nicely in front of you just how they should be because once things get going there won’t be time for much more than quick maneuvering around everything!
  • Next would come filling up each end with either tobacco or cannabis respectively (depending on which type of spliff). Again, this may seem like an obvious step but it’s easy to forget and the consequences are not something you want.
  • Finally, put your thumbs on either side of where the paper is folded into a “joint” shape. Now push both ends together so that they meet in the middle and squeeze everything tightly until it appears as one unit. This will be easier if you use another finger or two but just make sure that all four fingers stay inside of each edge. You’ll know when it’s time to stop because there won’t be any space left between edges anymore!

Rolling the Spliff

  • It’s time to roll the spliff. The first thing you’ll need is cigarette paper and then, of course, tobacco or cannabis (depending on which type of joint you are rolling). You can find both at your local convenience store.
  • First off: if I have not yet said this before, make sure that everything you will be using is fully dry. This includes the substance in question as well as whatever else it might touch during this process; If there is any moisture involved while performing these steps–things may go wrong–so just take care of that now!
  • Layout your cigarette paper flat with one end hanging off over an edge so that about two inches from its center hangs over the other side.
  • Next, bring the edges of this paper up near each other and fold them over. This should be done so that the bottom flap is as long (or slightly longer) than the top one.
  • Take your substance either tobacco or cannabis and place it on a surface in between you and where you will be rolling from. Now sprinkle some onto both sides of the cigarette paper evenly until there’s enough for what we need! Make sure not to go overboard with how much weed/tobacco goes into these joints since they can become too heavy quickly. They are supposed to stay small after all! Fold-down one side towards yourself while being careful not to let any spill out. The same applies to folding the other side over in the opposite direction. Do your best to make a clean and even line before you roll it up!
  • Now, start rolling from one end of the joint towards the other. Try not to worry too much about how well it’s coming out. It will get better with practice! Rolling cannabis joints might take some time for people who are new at this especially if they’re trying to learn on their own without any guidance or instructions but once someone has developed skill in making them then they can be done very quickly indeed so don’t feel discouraged just because things aren’t going perfectly right away!

What to do with Leftover Marijuana Buds and Trimmings

How to Make Spliff: The Complete Guide

You want to save your leftover marijuana buds and trimmings? Here are some suggestions:

  • Make cannabutter to make cannabis edibles. To do this, first, get out your butter or margarine and unsalted cooking oil; combine these two ingredients over medium heat until all the melting has happened; then add finely diced leaves (or ground up bud). When it’s mixed thoroughly, take off the stovetop and allow it cool. Strain using cheesecloth before storing inside an airtight container at room temperature–you’ll need about four ounces of weed per cup of butter. If you don’t have any butter on hand or prefer not to use it in the recipe, you can use virgin coconut oil or other oils as well;
  • Use it to make cannabis tinctures. To do this, first, get out your alcohol–either 190 proof Everclear or high-grade vodka will work fine for the job. Place a pint jar in a pot of boiling water and then add diced leaves until it’s about two inches from the top of the jar. Now take off the stovetop and let it sit overnight before straining with cheesecloth;
  • Make Cannacreme: all you have to do is mix one egg white and two tablespoons of sugar until they’re light and fluffy (add more if needed). Whisk or beat them well then slowly add about half a cup of coconut oil while continuing to whisking constantly. Next, pour your mixture into an ice cream maker container–just be sure not to fill up past the “max” line on the bucket because adding any extra liquid will cause your cannacreme to go all soupy when it freezes;
  • Make cannabis tea: this is a simple process that only involves boiling water and adding cannabis to it.
  • Make cannacoffee: grind your favorite coffee beans in the same way you would for regular iced coffee, but don’t brew them yet.

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How to Use Nasal Ranger for Cannabis

Nasal Ranger

The nasal ranger is a device that helps to measure the potency of cannabis. It’s an easy-to-use tool that can be used by anyone and it can help to measure potency in marijuana, as well as other substances you might want to know the strength of such as cocaine or heroin. Although this device has been around for a while, many people are still not familiar with how it works. In this guide, we will go over everything you need to know about nasal rangers including how they work and what they do for your health!
The nasal ranger is easy to use and often it’s used by law enforcement officers. It can be used for measuring the concentration of THC or other substances in your cannabis. This device can also tell you how much time will pass before a substance enters your bloodstream so that you know when it takes effect. The nasal ranger functions as an on-the-spot drug test and results are available within 20 seconds!
It provides accurate information about a person’s blood-alcohol level, which means that this instrument could help to prevent accidents while driving under the influence because drivers will have access to correct data about their state of intoxication.

How to Use Nasal Ranger for Cannabis

Why use Nasal Ranger for cannabis

So as you know now how it works and what is its function let’s get back to why use nasal ranger for cannabis. The question refers mostly to how quickly marijuana enters the bloodstream after intake through the mouth? Firstly there is no such thing as “quickly” with Marijuana when talking about getting into the system! Even though the average time passed before a substance passes into the human body varies between 20 minutes up to two hours depending on different factors including the weight, height, and sex of the person you are, as well as the amount of cannabis that is consumed. Usually, it takes up to 30 minutes before the substance starts entering the bloodstream through the mouth or throat.

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How to use Nasal Ranger for cannabis

It is used for assessing the level of THC in cannabis, which can be done by measuring its concentration and comparing it with airborne particles that are inhaled through the nose from one end of the device, while the other end goes on top of a screen displaying results. The process takes about 45 seconds and has three levels: below 15 ng/ml (which will show up as green), between 16-30 ng/mL or higher than 31 ng/mg – this range shows red color on the display screen.
After opening the nasal ranger, it is advisable to breathe deeply and blow into its device. This denser way particle will be collected in a special chamber for precise measurements where they can also be seen through the display screen on top of it. The level of THC concentration after measuring should then turn green or red according to whether it was below 15 ng/ml (green) or if 16-30 ng/mL (red).

To use nasal ranger for cannabis, start by following these steps:

  • Take one big breath with your mouth closed before you do anything else;
  • Inhale from the nosepiece at one end while making sure the other end goes over cannabis being measured until white lines disappear completely inside the nasal ranger device;
  • Now, exhale slowly until the white lines are back, and then inhale again from the nosepiece at end of the nasal ranger while ensuring that the other end goes over cannabis being measured. Be sure to maintain a slow exhalation so white lines stay in place inside the nasal ranger device;
  • Now you can turn on your nasal ranger – during this phase, it is advisable not to blow into its device as denser particles will be collected for precise measurements where they can also be seen through a display screen on top of it. You might need to make a second measurement if the nasal ranger device does not register any color.

Benefits of using nasal ranger for cannabis

Nasal Ranger has a lot of benefits for cannabis users because it helps in monitoring the level of THC. It is also a great way to measure how much you’re smoking and for how long.
The nasal ranger can be used by those who are trying to get off cannabis (since they have an idea about their intake) or as well as people who want to know what type of high they will experience.
Nasal Ranger is an excellent tool that can help users decide whether or not should buy another weed product from same-store/provider; it helps them understand if they need more goods or should go elsewhere with cash-flow; nasal ranger gives user opportunity compare prices and products between two dealers – so he has chance pick the best deal among vendors without any risk.

Setting up Nasal ranger is quite easy and takes less than a minute:

-put your cannabis in a grinder;
-pour some ground weed into nasal ranger container (about the size of one hand);
-put the lid on it and shake gently until all marijuana is evenly distributed.

The product you will need for setting up this tool are common things that can be found at home like a grinder or spoon; there’s no specific item needed which means you have a chance to save money by not buying anything. The device has high precision with small volume – so when purchasing a new nasal ranger device make sure to buy the right model based on how much THC users want to measure at once.

How to Use Nasal Ranger for Cannabis

Where can I buy a nasal ranger and what are the prices

You can buy nasal ranger at online shops such as Amazon or eBay.
The price ranges from $30 up to $100 for a nasal ranger device; it also depends on what model and brand you choose, if you want something that isn’t too fancy but still works well – there are options with lower prices available. Nasal Ranger is not only a marijuana measuring tool, it can be used in other ways like checking the potency of your favorite cannabis strain!
If someone wants to know how much THC they consume daily then he/she should buy more than one nasal ranger; this way measurements will be more accurate because different users might have slightly different tolerance levels.

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Cannabutter Effects: A Curious Guide

Cannabutter Effects

Have you ever heard of cannabutter? Cannabutter is a cannabis-infused food product that can be used to make other edibles like brownies and cookies. It is one way for people who use marijuana medicinally or recreationally to get the effects without smoking it. In this blog post, we will talk about what cannabutter is and how it affects your body when eaten in various forms, as well as provide instructions on how to make cannabutter!

The effects of cannabutter ingested in baked goods can be felt anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours after consumption. These effects are delayed and typically last longer than ingesting cannabis by smoking, but not as long as when taken orally or rectally.

Cannabinoids like THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) dissolve best with fat; the most effective way is to make edibles using high-quality butter that has been infused with marijuana for at least six hours before use. This will give you some of the highest potency because it’s absorbent and spreads evenly in your stomach due to its creamy texture, unlike oil which would just sit on top if consumed raw.

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You need about ten grams of high-quality marijuana bud to make one ounce of cannabutter. Make sure the buds are ground up into a powder before infusing it with butter; this will cause less plant material and therefore be more potent.

The process would entail cooking cannabis in unsalted, unoiled butter for about three hours on medium heat (about 225 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s not necessary to stir unless you want some browning on your pot leaves — that just adds flavor.

You can then strain off the plant matter using cheesecloth or another fine mesh strainer after letting it cool down enough and place it in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Using higher fat content like whole milk instead of water when boiling beans is also an option, but can reduce potency.

The cannabutter will then be ready to use in any recipe that calls for butter or oil and is safe for cooking at high temperatures.

Cannabutter Effects: A Curious Guide

Why do people use cannabutter

There are many reasons why people use cannabutter. Some of the common reasons include:

The high from cannabutter is stronger and more intense than that of eating marijuana, but it can be difficult to ingest enough for an effect this way because butter or oil cannot be eaten by itself – It’s usually mixed in with food like brownies or cookies – Potential side effects such as dizziness, increased appetite, decreased pain sensitivity, mood elevation, lack of coordination, and increased energy.

Cannabutter can also be used medicinally to treat a range of symptoms such as insomnia, chronic pain, seizures, anxiety.
People must remember that it is illegal in many places to make cannabutter if you do not have medical marijuana license or are using cannabis for recreational purposes – this includes smoking the high.

This means you should never try making cannabutter unless you live somewhere where it’s legal because consuming any amount could result in jail time.

How to make cannabutter

Place a pound of butter in a saucepan and melt over medium heat.

Add ground cannabis to the melted butter, stirring occasionally for up to an hour. The more cannabis you use, the stronger your cannabutter will be – but it’s important not to overcook because the THC can burn off (it should take about one hour).

Pour into a container or cake pan lined with parchment paper. Let cool before putting in the freezer until solid. Peel away from liner when ready to have access to cannabutter (usually after overnight freezing). Use as needed!

Butter is used in recipes like brownies, cookies, and other baked goods.

Add the cannabutter to any recipe that would use melted butter; melt it first for a stronger flavor if desired. Just add an extra cup of unsalted butter or margarine.

It’s also easier to work with when you’re making dishes like sauces, dressing up rice or vegetables, frying eggs, and so on. Simply replace some of the fat called for with cannabutter!

The effects of consuming cannabutter

One of the most popular ways to consume cannabutter is by eating it.

Consuming cannabis edibles can provide a potent experience with effects that last much longer than smoking or vaporizing. It also provides different effects depending on what you’re consuming: for example, cocoa and sugar will amplify the THC high while vanilla extract may decrease some paranoia side effects.

If you’re looking for the desired head and body effects, eating a whole cannabis brownie might be more than enough. However, if it’s just about getting high fast then an edible may not have quite the same intensity as smoking or vaporizing marijuana. It all depends on what you’re looking to get out of your cannabutter experience.

Cannabutter Effects: A Curious Guide

The best way to consume the butter for maximum effect (i.e., what foods to eat, etc.)

Eat a whole cannabis brownie for the desired head and body effects. It’s also better to lower your dose if you’re only looking for an intense high and not medicinal benefits of cannabutter or eat smaller amounts at more regular intervals when combating nausea. If it’s really about getting high fast then eating any amount will do but that might be less potent than smoking marijuana.
The best way to consume the butter is by adding it into recipes such as cookies, cupcakes, cornbreads (to add a nice crispy flavor), macaroni, and cheese (you’ll want some bread crumbs on top!), pancakes, rice pudding, ice cream. Add in high-fat foods like nut butter or oils too!
Alcohol is a great addition to cannabutter if you want an alternative way of getting drunk. The alcohol in this recipe doesn’t actually get cooked off and remains intact so it’s important not to consume too much because the high potency will make you go crazy! Recipes with alcohol usually include cider, wine, or beer but any type will work as long as there is enough liquid for things to cook properly. This can be used like regular butter; just replace half of the recipe’s fat content with a cannabutter/alcohol mixture.
This should be stored in the fridge and consumed within two weeks before going bad on you. The butter loses potency over time and may not have the same effects as when it was first made.

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