Cannabis Tampons

Menstrual pain and cramps are not taken seriously, and are more often joked about than addressed legitimately. Some women experience severe pain during their period while others have no problem at all, and just like many women’s concerns, research isn’t done in great detail. This condition that over 50 percent of the population has once per month, but little is known other than basic hormonal treatments or OTC pain medication, which come with side effects.

Positive reviews have been flooding in for the latest period painkiller, and it is not fish oil or a hot water bottle.Instead of stocking up on Nurofen, “marijuana tampons” are being packaged as the latest suppository.

Provided by a company called Foria which is known for other cannabis-infused products and lubricant, the period pain products aim to ease discomfort without giving women a “psychotropic high”.

What are Cannabis Tampons?

Cannabis Tampons

They are special tampons infused with marijuana! The idea is to absorb the weed into your body via the vagina. In theory, it works to remove the pain you feel during the menstrual cycle. It sounds like a fantastic innovation, but there are still a couple of problems that manufacturers must work out.

Few firms sell cannabis tampons. Foria has practically owned the market from the beginning. However, a new brand called Daye has started up and will soon offer CBD tampons. For an increasing number of women, these suppositories take the place of pain pills.

You insert them vaginally as you would with a tampon without an applicator. Most marijuana tampons include cocoa butter, hemp oil, and coconut oil in their list of ingredients. These allow the suppository to soften and melt in the body. From there, cannabinoids such as THC and CBD enter the bloodstream through the vagina’s mucosa. An increasing number of researchers have found that cannabinoids from weed and hemp impact the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

While the ECS is located throughout the body, it is most prevalent in our reproductive system. This includes the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Perhaps this is why marijuana suppositories genuinely seem to help with pelvic pain. A cannabis tampon may reduce the inflammatory response and contractions of the uterus.

The idea for the tampons started when the weed-based lube company Foria caught the attention of Dr. Jennifer Berman. Dr. Berman, a well-known Beverly Hills Urologist, then got in touch with Foria founder Matt Gerson to work on creating a product that would help relieve women of menstrual symptoms, after an older patient of hers confided that she was using Foria to help heighten her sex life.

The resulting product was a dissolving, all natural, 3-ingredient suppository (cocoa butter, 10 mg THC, CBD) and so far, testimonies have been wonderful.

How Quickly Will These Hemp Tampons Work?

First and foremost, a person’s response to cannabinoids depends on their unique ECS. Therefore, what ‘works’ for one individual may not achieve a similar effect on someone else. However, even those who didn’t feel an impact when using a cannabis tampon for PMS have found another use. As cannabinoids could relax the muscles in the pelvic floor, it may reduce pain felt during penetrative sex.

Foria Relief cannabis tampons are the biggest seller in the industry. However, they are not FDA-approved. There is no evidence of efficacy in the form of clinical trials. Staci Gruber of Harvard Medical School announced a plan to conduct an observational study of 400 women. They began using Foria’s Relief suppositories over several months back in 2018.

Each tampon contains 60mg of THC and 10mg of CBD. The women in the study were supposed to track menstrual symptoms to determine if Foria Relief is effective. It is the first step in a plan to ultimately conduct a clinical trial involving placebos. The results were slated for release last year, but we still (as of the time of writing) have not found any news in terms of statistical outcome.

A product of this nature can easily be made at home to a much more suitable-for-everyone dosage and price. With just three ingredients, you can make this to your own specifications and share with your friends. Suddenly everybody can have a better time of the month!

To Make This Product You Need To Sail The C’s Of Cannabis Infusion

Cocoa Butter- ½ cup

Coconut Oil – ¼ cup

Cannabis- 1 gram of concentrate (can be equivalent amount of raw bud, roughly 5 grams)

Clean- Probably the most important thing, since you will be shoving this up your jaybird. Quickly blanch any plant matter with boiling water (it’s not hot enough to cause potency loss), strain, and dry. Skip this step if using wax or hash.

Convert- Heat finely ground material to 225 degrees fahrenheit to convert THC-A, which is inactive, to its psychoactive auntie we all love, THC. This action is precisely what happens when you smoke, the flame and combustion transfers all of the cannabinoids to their most active form which enter through tissues in the mouth, throat, and lungs. For topical use, it needs to be converted for maximum pain relief.

Cover- ALWAYS keep material covered or sealed when heating above boiling. Vapor lost is potency lost.

Careful- ALWAYS stay below 350 degrees anything higher will boil the cannabinoids which are close the the boiling point of most cooking oils.

Final Thoughts on CBD Tampons & Pain Relief

Cannabis Tampons

Cannabinoids have been being used for generations for all types of ailments. In many cultures it’s the first grab for menstrual and muscle aches, before the over the counter drugs that America markets to death.

You would think that men would just want women to have no more cramps so that they would never have to hear about it again, but alas keeping people in jail and keeping people’s pockets fat is more important than simple cures made from simple things that keep everybody happy.

Within the bounds of reason, there isn’t much that a woman wouldn’t do to find relief during a particularly painful menstrual cycle. The pain is usually crippling and is sometimes so bad that you call in sick to work. The CBD tampons offered by Foria are a real life-saver for women that have excruciatingly painful periods.

The cannabinoids in weed work wonderfully with your ECS. When the cannabis tampons touch your skin, its ingredients make their way directly to where they are needed the most. Pain relief usually lasts for well over an hour, and it starts to work within minutes. If you’re not lucky enough to live in Colorado or California, don’t despair! You can try to make hemp tampons by following the instructions above.

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