Cannabis Stem Tea: What It Is And How To Make It

What Is Weed Stem Tea?

Weed Stem Tea is a concoction that you can make by combining grounded weed stems with tea leaves, in a correct proportion. You can consider it as an alternative to vaping or smoking marijuana. It’s a popular method used by people all over the world. Although many parameters would decide how much high you get after having this THC-rich drink, you can still enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

Ingredients for Weed Stem Tea

  • King Thunder Fuck Weed stems (at least ¼ cup of them, but feel free to double or triple the amount)
  • 2 cups of water for one serving, double with each person you’ll be serving
  • Coffee filter, cheesecloth, paper towel, or another similar filter
  • Alcohol, butter, milk, or coconut oil for binding (just pick one for flavor’s sake)
  • Saucepan for boiling water
  • Additional tea bag, sugar, or other flavors (optional)

How to Cook Your Tea

Cannabis Stem Tea

1. Gather Your Stems

You can decide if you want to grind your stems beforehand, but it’s not necessary to do and may end up making the straining process more complicated.

So either grind up your stems or gather what you have and move on to the next step.

2. Boil Water

Fill your saucepan with water and bring to a boil. If you’re using milk, butter, or oil, add it to the saucepan before bringing to a boil.

If you’re using alcohol as a binding agent, do not add it to the water yet. It will boil out.

3. Add Stems to the Boiling Water

Add your stems to the boiling water and give it a good stir. Continue stirring frequently for the next 10-15 minutes.

4. Remove From Heat

Once you’ve stirred the stems in boiling water for a good 10-15 minutes, you can take the saucepan off the heat and allow it to start cooling.

If you didn’t add a source of fat to the boiling water, now is the time to add alcohol. Three tablespoons should do the trick. You can use vodka, rum, or whatever alcohol you have on hand that might make a good pairing.

5. Strain the Contents of the Saucepan

Secure your cheesecloth, paper towel, or coffee filter over a cup or pot to pour the contents into. Slowly pour your mixture over the filter, straining the weed stems out.

6. Enjoy

I’m telling you to enjoy but deep down I know weed stem tea is not very tasty. This is a great time to add in additional tea bags to steep, honey, sugar, or other ingredients to make the tea more appetizing. Otherwise, you can drink it plain and really soak up the earthy flavor.

THC Per Cup

The amount of THC per tea cup will vary depending on the strain(s) you use to create your home-brew. For example, if you’re using a single gram of cannabis (1,000 mg dry weight) that has an approximate 10% THC content, your tea would contain roughly 100 mg of THC. As with all teas, strength depends on how long you allow it to steep; longer equals stronger tea.

Effects of Marijuana Tea

Cannabis-infused teas typically take somewhere between 30-90 minutes for the full impact to be felt. Some people with a higher metabolism or lower body mass may feel the effects more rapidly, while those with a slower metabolism or denser body mass may not feel the impact until almost 2 hours later.

So the first time you try this tea, plan to be in a familiar, safe environment for a few hours until you know how your body reacts. Drinkers typically experience effects lasting 4-8 hours. And it’s because of these long-lasting results that many find it particularly beneficial treating chronic conditions like MS, nausea, and rheumatoid pain.


Weed tea has been around for a LONG time. Chinese emperor Shennong is rumored to have discovered the health benefits of weed tea more than 4,000 years ago.

From there, the tradition of boiling various parts of the marijuana plant for medicinal and recreational benefits spread to India, Egypt, and eventually across the pond to the Caribbean.

It remained a popular — albeit, often-overshadowed — method of consumption because it’s easy to do, it’s discreet, and it doesn’t require any complicated tools like a bong, a dab rig, or even rolling papers.

Is It Better To Drink Weed Stem Tea Or Smoke Weed?

If you enjoy smoking weed, then you might not enjoy going through all the hassles of turning these weed stems into tea. Making weed stem tea is quite a long and tedious process compared to rolling a joint. However, smoking weed is not as beneficial as drinking weed tea. Weed stem tea will give you a boost without impairing your normal bodily functions. It imparts a temporary mellow feeling which does not last very long. However, long term smoking can adversely affect your body. Many carcinogenic substances like tar enter your system when you smoke. This can affect different organs in the body.

Cannabis Stem Tea

Some Amazing Facts And Benefits Of Weed Stem Tea:

Given below are some amazing facts and benefits about Weed Stem Tea:

  • It can help to relieve pain: Studies show that weed helps in reducing pain. The THC present in marijuana binds with the pain receptors present in our brain, thus providing us with relief and comfort. It also benefits people who have multiple sclerosis, cancer, or AIDS.
  • It can reduce anxiety and depression: As a result of extensive scientific research, we now know that weed can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. The chemical imbalance in the body is the leading cause of anxiety. THC present in weed stem tea is a psychoactive agent, and it can decrease the level of stress hormones, thus reducing depression
  •  It can reduce stress and high blood pressure: A daily intake of weed stem tea is good for patients with high blood pressure. Weed helps in reducing the tension of blood in arteries and veins. This, in turn, calms the body, reduces high pressure and chances of stroke or heart attack.Alternatively,One can buy weed online canada and reap all benefits of Tea.
  • It acts as a sedative: Consuming a cup of weed stem tea every night before going to bed can help you to sleep well. Weed has excellent sleep-inducing properties. It can relieve people who have insomnia or other sleeping disorders.
  • It can help improve digestive health: Weed stem tea can be beneficial for people with digestive or gastrointestinal problems. It helps in fighting nausea or vomiting. It also helps in easing bowel movement and inflammation of the gut.
  • It can help in treating cognitive issues: The cannabinoids present in weed help in stimulating cognitive activity. Studies show that THC helps in improving memory and brain activity. It also helps in treating various cognitive issues.

The quantity of tea suitable for a person may vary. Sometimes, you need to go through a bit of trial and error to find the ideal dosage. Older adults should stick to 125 ml a day. However, for a healthy young person, the quantity can be much higher. The tea works best if you consume it at night before going to bed.

Final Thoughts for Weed Stem Tea

Nobody seems to get excited about weed stems, for good reason. They take up extra weight when purchasing without being useful for smoking. This leads a lot of people to throw out their weed stems as soon as they come across them, writing them off as completely useless. But they don’t have to be.

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