Cannabis Pests: What You Should Know

Cannabis pests are a serious problem for cannabis growers. You need to be aware of the most common cannabis pests, and how to control them so you can produce quality harvests every time. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most common cannabis pest problems and how to handle them with organic solutions that are safe for both humans and plants!
Some of the most common cannabis pests are aphids, spider mites, thrips, and whiteflies. Aphid populations can be controlled with ladybugs or by applying a soap spray on them. Spider mite infestations can often be eliminated through careful prevention as well as using neem oil to control their spread in your garden. Thrips and whitefly infestations occur when there’s a lack of air circulation around plants; you should try adding more fans if this is the case! The best way to check for these problems early is to look closely at new growths since they’re less able to fight off invaders than larger older leaves that have developed natural defenses over time.

Cannabis Pests: What You Should Know

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These small insects are often found on cannabis plants. They suck out sap and leave a sticky residue, which may hamper the plant’s growth. Aphids can be controlled with ladybugs or by applying soap spray to them.

Ladybugs are small insects that eat aphids; they will also protect your other crops from these pests! You should release at least fifty ladybugs per 500 square feet of garden space every week for best results!

Soap sprays work well in controlling their populations as well – mix ½ cup dish detergent (Ivory is recommended) into one gallon of water, then gently agitate both liquid ingredients together until bubbles form before spraying onto leaves and stem where you see them clustering around flowers and new growths. This technique should be repeated up to three times weekly for best results.

Some people prefer using neem oil to control aphids, but the soap spray is a much better choice if there are not too many of them on your plants and they do not come back quickly after being sprayed with it!

Spider Mites:

Spider mites are a common cannabis pest that is a major problem for growers. They come onto plants and suck on juices from leaves, causing yellow spots to form and then turn brownish or bronze in color.

Spider mite control can be done by spraying your plant with water twice weekly – this will help keep them away as it causes spider mites to drown due to their low tolerance for humidity levels!

In addition, you may also need to purchase an insecticidal soap spray which should only be applied once every two weeks at most as these pests have developed resistance against many of these products over time. Follow instructions carefully when using any type of pesticide because they could harm beneficial bugs too!


A thrips is a small, wingless insect with fringed wings. They feed on sap from plants and are in the same order as aphids and whiteflies. Thrips cause damage to various parts of cannabis including leaves, petioles (the stalk that connects the leaf blade to stem), buds, or pistils under high magnification. Normally they prefer to attack young plants because their skin can be more easily pierced by these creatures – growers should note when first planting cannabis seeds outdoors!

White Flies:

These small white flies are just like aphids and their eggs will make cannabis plants sticky. To get rid of them, simply use an insecticidal soap spray which will kill eggs and larvae too if you apply it every few days over time without causing any harm to your beneficial bugs like ladybugs!

Signs of a pest infestation:

-Cannabis leaves that are yellow and wilting or turning brown, especially at the tips. This is caused by a pest called spider mites.

-lower branches of cannabis plants infested with aphids; these can cause deformed growth and buds due to overproduction of plant sap which attracts other pests such as whiteflies. Aphids also produce honeydew, a sticky substance that may lead to moldy conditions on your cannabis crop!

-Cotton wads attached beneath leaves on the stems – this is most likely from mealybugs.

How to prevent cannabis pests from invading your home

Cannabis pest prevention starts and ends with the grower. Cannabis pests are a reality for cannabis growers, but they can also be managed by being proactive! Some of the best ways to prevent cannabis pests from invading your home include:

  • Using organic pesticides on plants (these will not produce harmful residues in buds). You should use these before you notice any signs of infestation such as dead leaves or sticky residue around your plant’s trunk. Avoid using synthetic fertilizers that could attract insects like aphids – opt instead for natural varieties such as composted cow manure.
  • Growing indoors offers many benefits including complete control over environmental factors which may result in an increased success rate at growing weed without resorting to pesticides or insecticides.
  • Always keep your garden clean by removing dead leaves, plants, or vines. The less attractive the cannabis is to pests, the better!
  • Regularly trimming branches and big fan leaves can also help deter some of these pesky insects from infesting your weed plants.
  • If you notice any natural predators such as birds on your property (and don’t mind if they eat them), be sure to leave food for those animals to discourage other scavengers that may come around later looking for easy prey.
Cannabis Pests: What You Should Know

Treatment for cannabis pests and eradication methods if they do invade your home

  • As a general rule, you should never let cannabis pests grow out of control. Doing so can result in an infestation that is difficult to get rid of and even harder to contain without damaging your weed plants or harvest.
  • If any cannabis pests are spotted on your weed plants, it’s important not to wait for them to become established before taking action! Don’t hesitate – contact us at Exterminator City today and we’ll send our experts over right away.

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