Bong vs Pipe

There’s a kind of cannabis community controversy concerning bongs vs pipes and which is better for smoking your herb in – we’re gonna wade in with our two-hits worth of opinion and advice. Some tokers are on ‘team pipe’ and like the convenience, portability and ease of just packing a weedy bowl, putting the lighter to the leaf and drawing it in – simple, elegant, gets you stoned. Other potheads prefer blazing a blast through bong water chambers and percolators, which cool the smoke and remove particulates and provide you a smoother puff of potent pot. There’s also a mindset among marijuana peeps along the lines of ‘why not both?’ – bong rigs and weed pipes both have their plusses and minuses.

Pipes are cool because they are great for a quick hit anytime, practically anywhere, and come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Pipe sizes range from small hand pipes to larger tubes and can be made from metal, silicone, wood, glass or practically anything – people have made pipes out of cored apples! Pot pipes are fairly easy to clean, your hits taste really good and are generally pretty potent, and the only equipment you need is a BIC (or other brand) lighter, a pipe, a wire mesh pipe screen, and a pinch or several of some weed – and you’re good to go!

However, pipes are known for harsher hits, the infamous lungbusters of legend, and if you’ve ever smoked from a ganja pipe then you’ve likely also nearly inverted your lungs coughing fiercely from a hit that kicked your butt! Particulates are also a particular problem for pipes, screens become dislodged and bits of ash and leaf can get pulled through the stem into your mouth – gnarly, just gnarly! Some glass pipes break easily, and small one-hitter pipes can also get lost in a sofa cushion or some bro’s butt-crack! Even gnarlier!

Bongs are larger pipes that use a water-filled chamber to filter smoky soot, tar and airborn particulates out of hits from the bong bowl, making hits taste cleaner and smoother – and some say more flavorful. Some bongs are rather artistic and some are incredibly complex with removeable cooling and percolator modules. There are mini-bongs and bubbler pipes, but average bongs are rather cumbersome to lug around, so bongs make better at-home smoking options. You get long, strong hits from a bong – unless you do it wrong, and the effects are instantaneous.

If you don’t know how to use a bong, it’s pretty simple  –  light bowl, put mouth on mouthpiece, lift bowl plug, and inhale… then boom, instant high! Also, smoke from bongs is less stinky, but then there’s the water in the bong which becomes quite vile if you don’t change it! Bongs are also usually more expensive than pipes – some can cost well over $100.

Scientifically, a 2000 study sponsored by marijuana advocacy group NORML and cosponsored by the Association for Psychedelic Studies tested the various ways that you can smoke cannabis and determined that bongs did not deliver more THC than joints or pipes. Though it hasn’t been confirmed by either study yet, it appeared that bong filtration might actually filter out some of the THC; one other factor the study didn’t account for was that rips from bongs tend to be longer and stouter than a puff on a pipe.

Bongs vs pipes? Read on to look at both options and what makes them better than each other; we’ll give you our views on each and what we love about them. From there you can decide which you prefer for your own pot smoking or bong banging needs!


Bongs are typically used by younger, more serious pot smokers. A bong is a smoking device that uses water as the filtration system for the smoke to pass through. Bongs are cylindrical in shape with the bottom sometimes being round to hold the water. As you light the weed and begin to inhale, the smoke passes through the water and up the tube. The water will start to bubble and make a gurgling sound. After inhaling fully you release the bowl piece to finish the bowl. Traditional water bongs are very easy to use and provide a great high.

One of main benefits to a bong vs pipe is that a bong will get you much higher much quicker. Because of the way the smoke percolates through the water and tube it delivers a more potent smoking high. This leads to another benefit of traditional water bongs; they are the most efficient and cost effective way to get high. After only taking one or two rips you will likely be plenty high and not have to smoke anymore. Compared to pipes or joints, smoking out of a bong conserves much more weed. One downside to a bong is that they are quite large compared to a pipe and therefore are tougher to travel with. Be sure to keep this in mind next time you are debating bringing a bong or pipe.

Bong vs Pipe


Hand pipes are the classic choice. They can be made from either clay, metal, ceramic, wood, or glass.

And are defined as a tube with a bowl at one end and a hole to inhale weed through on the other.

The hand pipe has a lot going for it when compared to a bong. It’s smaller size makes it not only more portable but more discreet as well. And it’s smaller size helps in making it the easier to clean out of the two.

Thanks to it’s smaller and relatively simpler, inner workings, the process of cleaning a hand pipe is, not only much easier but much faster, as well.

Pipes, however, deliver a much hotter, and therefore, harsher smoke.

This is because, not only does the smoke have less distance to travel from the flame to your lungs, but also there is no system in place to cool it down.

Another downside to there being no sort of a filter on a hand pipe is that you run the risk of inhaling ash.

Check out the guide on buying pipes from

Pros and Cons of a Hand Pipe


  • Portable
  • Discreet
  • Easy to clean


  • Hotter to smoke
  • Can inhale ash
Bong vs Pipe

The Verdict

So which one is better? Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference my friends. Both have their own pros and cons. If you’re like us though, you just don’t have to choose because you own a couple of each. And if you don’t, stop by one of our Crazy Bill’s locations today to start building your collection.

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