Best Strains for Female & Male Arousal

It’s no secret that a dash of weed will spice things up in the bedroom. In recent years, the legal market has been awash with topicals, suppositories, and tinctures aimed at doing just that. But while these products are great — and work very, very well — puffing on a pre-roll or taking a bong hit of some spicy flower can be just as effective when it’s time to get down. 

However booming the canna-sexual market may be, it seems to be devoid of any smokable sex aids. While something is working with smoking pot before (or even during) a sexual experience, there is little data on what kind of flower lends itself best to enhance sexual pleasure. 

When it comes to sex and using flower, are there strains that specifically heighten arousal? Or, when it comes to sex, is all weed created equal? Is there such a thing as a “viagra strain” to kickstart your sex life?

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So many strains claiming to enhance female arousal and male arousal with names like Atomic Northern Lights tend to be touted as”sure things” for the bedroom, but they can be intimidating, confusing, and just downright mood-killing when they don’t work, or worse, trap you in your own head.

Your sexual journey is personal, intimate, and determined by how the plant’s chemical makeup of terpenes and cannabinoids react with your individual endocannabinoid system, as well as how you react with your surroundings. So, we spoke to some of the experts behind the canna-sexual uprising that’s rocking the weed world and bedrooms alike. 

Best Strains for  Arousal

While there’s no single strain that’s guaranteed to get you off, here are a few of their favorites and recommendations. 

Cannabis has been gaining popularity as a health product. This controversial plant is being used to aid sleep, reduce anxiety, and ease pain.

More recently, cannabis’s benefits seem to extend to the bedroom — and it’s become a popular aphrodisiac.

But what strains boost libido? And which cannabis strains can increase arousal for people with penises, specifically? We’ve put together a guide with a few recommendations.

Remember, the goal here is to feel slightly intoxicated — not incapacitated.

Are genital-specific strains a thing?

While there isn’t any evidence that certain cannabis strains can lead to genital-specific arousal, there are some penis-specific situations that cannabis can help with.

For example, if you often experience anxiety that leads to erectile dysfunction (ED), an anxiety-reducing strain might be a good idea.

Some research, such as this 2017 study, showed a positive link between cannabis use and sexual frequency. In other words, cannabis users have more sex. This might mean that using cannabis could lead to increased libido levels.

But on the other hand, some studies, such as this 2011 literature review, suggest that frequent cannabis use could actually cause ED. Another 2010 study linked daily cannabis use to an inability to achieve orgasm.

The strain selection below is based on anecdotal evidence. Bear in mind that different strains can affect different people, well, differently, so no effect can ever be guaranteed.

Also important to note: Avoid swapping out any sort of prescribed medication for cannabis unless it’s under the supervision of a doctor or other healthcare professional.

If you want to boost your libido

To ramp up your sex drive, Renko recommends choosing strains with high levels of the terpene limonene, like Do-Si-Dos and Wedding Cake.

Both are indica-dominant, high-THC hybrids that hit you fast with a body-warming euphoria before melting to blissful relaxation.

If you’re enjoying some alone time… between the sheets

Strains containing the terpene linalool — known for a nice calming effect — are the way to go to enhance your solo session, according to Renko.

LA Confidential, an indica, and Amnesia Haze, a sativa, are popular strains that fit the bill when it comes to making self-pleasure a full afternoon activity.

Users report a slow start before an intense euphoria with a gradual come down. Sounds a lot like a good orgasm, no?

If you’re prone to anxiety

This is where cannabis really shines. Along with plenty of convincing anecdotal evidence, current researchTrusted Source also shows that cannabis may reduce anxiety.

A small 2018 study analyzed cannabinoids and terpene levels of different strains. Participants rated those most effective at treating their anxiety.

Looks like getting your “Kush” on is the way to go if any self-consciousness is making your adult playtime less enjoyable.

The top strains for anxiety were:

  • Bubba Kush, an indica
  • Skywalker OG Kush, an indica-dominant hybrid
  • Blueberry Lamsbread, a sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Kosher Kush, an indica
Best Strains for  Arousal

If you’re worried about potential pain

There’s evidence that cannabis relieves pain and past studies have found that indicas seem to be the preference when it comes to pain relief.

If you’re worried about pain putting a damper on sex, look for strains with terpenes that might ease pain, such as beta-caryophyllene, humulene, myrcene, and caryophyllene, according to Renko. His top pick is the strain Zkittlez.

Zkittelz is an indica-dominant hybrid with a strong beta-caryophyllene and humulene profile.

Other strains to try:

  • G13, a potent indica
  • Cannatonic, a low-THC, high-CBD hybrid
  • Harlequin, a sativa-dominant strain

If you want to try something new

If you’re looking to break out of your comfort zone when it comes to sex, there’s anecdotal evidence that some strains can help.

Based on online user reviews, these strains lower your inhibitions and boost your confidence:

  • Granddaddy Purple, an indica
  • Trainwreck, a potent sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Atomic Northern Lights, an indica-dominant hybrid
  • Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid

If you want something high-energy

Some strains, especially with the right dosing, can give you the energy to keep up with the most enthusiastic of bedmates.

Based on online user reviews, these are the strains to consider if you’re in the mood for an Energizer Bunny-esque romp:

  • Green Crack, a sativa
  • Cheese Quake, a hybrid
  • Super Lemon Haze, a zesty sativa

If you want something relaxing

Any cannabis stain will make you chill if you use too much, so look for relaxing strains and dose right to ensure the right level of chill for turning up the heat.

Try these relaxing strains:

  • Master Kush, an indica
  • Mr. Nice, a sativa
  • Animal Cookies, a balanced hybrid

If you want to enhance your sensitivity to touch

Many a seasoned cannabis user will tell you that certain strains increase sensitivity to touch and change tactile sensations for the better.

Everyone’s different, so some strains may enhance touch for you, while your partner’s body may respond to different strains.

If you’ve been enjoying cannabis for a while, Renko recommends balancing out your fave THC-dominant strain with a CBD-dominant strain like ACDC. It gives you a “rich terpene profile coupled with the synergistic effect of CBD and THC.”

ACDC is a sativa-dominant strain with 14 percent CBD and less than 1 percent THC.

Here are some other strains to really ramp up erogenous play and give you the tingles:

  • Bubblegum Kush, an indica-dominant strain
  • Sour Diesel, a pungent sativa
  • Jillybean, an indica-dominant strain

Which is better: indica, sativa, or hybrid?

There’s no simple answer to this question, because these classifications are less important than the terpenes in a strain, according to Renko.

“Those actually are just physiological plant classifications made around the physical plant properties and not its flower profile, which is where the focus should be,” he explained.

There’s no right or wrong strain for sex. The best one for that encounter will depend on how your body responds to specific strains and on the type of romp you’re aiming for.

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