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Can marijuana increase the mania

There are fewer studies on the aaaa marijuana Canada between marijuana and bipolar disorder, and the authors call their conclusions preliminary. But several recent studies have shown that cannabis use in youth is a risk factor for bipolar disorder (BAR) development at an older age.Can marijuana increase the mania

A team from Warwick Medical School found that adolescents who use marijuana at least 2-3 times a week are later more likely to show symptoms of hypomania (mild mania), one of the manifestations of bipolar disorder.

Smokers with ATS, as with schizophrenia, often justify themselves by the fact that grass helps them cope with the most severe symptoms: anxiety, depression. But the scientists did not take their word for it and found that patients usually eat grass when they are not in a bad mood, but when they are already in a good mood to increase euphoria. That's exactly what's at stake for a mania attack.Can marijuana increase the mania

Moreover, it was found that people with ATS who abuse marijuana are more likely to commit suicide. In addition, the disease starts at a younger age than "sober people". This is bad because the bipolar disorder that started in adolescence is heavier and more dangerous than in adults.

For hemp to provoke mania or bipolar disorder, there must also be an inherited predisposition. It has even been possible to identify the genes that are responsible for it. If you have a particular variant of the AKT1 gene, the risk of manic psychosis is higher. "If you are suffering from ATS and are using marijuana to relieve symptoms, ask your doctor to refer you for genetic research," the authors of the research carefully suggest.

What other problems are associated with marijuana...

There are other mental disorders that occur more often in cannabis users. First of all, these are anxious and depressive states.Can marijuana increase the mania

Studies show that regular marijuana smokers are 4-6 times more likely to have depressive episodes. In Australia, 1600 schoolchildren who smoked cannabis at the age of 14-15 were observed for seven years. Those who smoked daily during this period were five times more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety as adults. In addition, hemp active ingredients often provoke paranoia: a person seems to be being watched or persecuted in order to cause harm.

Who is at risk of developing mental illness when smoking mj

A portrait of a person in a "risk group" is formed from various studies. That is, someone who is at high risk of paying for relaxed mental health.